@projectoffline very interesting project you got here. ill be sure to check out some of the programs

overview of tools and techniques to investigate the ownership of websites and uncover hidden information online kit.exposingtheinvisible.org/h

people keep telling me i should use the tor browser daily but considering i have to login to so many accounts that are tied to my real identity, tor just seems like a hassle for daily use. not to shit on tor, i still use it occasionally when i need some extra anonymity but not daily

white genocide is an alt-right conspiracy theory to distract from the real problem: gamer genocide
@igeljaeger Reminder that race mixing with elves is based and redpilled.

discord server has an outage yet again. imagine using inferior software that also doubles as spyware.

you should probably check out my online radio, it's mainly japanese music but you'll see some surprises here and there.

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