@ansuz I just finished setting up my new instance (social.cryptography.dog).

I spend enough of my time adminstrating cryptpad.fr so I don't intend for this instance to be public, but close friends can ask to host a masto account there if they want.

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This release also includes the previously announced fixes for our client-side conversion of sheets to and from XLSX and ODS formats in Chrome and its derivatives.

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Our editors now feature a button to collapse the upper section of the toolbar for a nice distraction-free mode. The Kanban app features an additional to toggle the display of its controls for filtering tags and changing the level of detail show on cards.

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馃殌 CryptPad 4.10 is now live on cryptpad.fr !

This release introduces some nice visualizations to help make sense of form responses.

Summaries now include a timeline showing the number of responses per-day, as well as graphs alongside tallied results.

The privacytools.io team announced that they will be changing their name and possibly discontinuing/migrating some of their services (blog.privacytools.io/the-futur).

If I can muster the energy to do so I might set up my own masto instance this coming weekend. Just in case this service disappears before I manage to do that, followers can follow my pixelfed account (@ansuz). I'll mention my new account from there if this one disappears.

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We are currently conducting research to improve our Forms application. While interviews and surveys are ongoing, this release includes minor changes and bug fixes based on early feedback.

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馃殌 CryptPad 4.9 is now live on cryptpad.fr !

This release adds the ability to store links in the drive and to share them with contacts.

@zkat I have big opinions on this but wading into FLOSS discourse is definitely not how I want to spend weekend.

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馃嚡馃嚨 CryptPad is now fully translated to Japanese. Big thanks to @suguru for all the work!

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馃殌 CryptPad 4.8 is now live on cryptpad.fr!

This release includes early work on document conversions, including:
- Import of Trello boards (JSON)
- Export of Markdown from Rich Text

Much more to come in this area!

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If you watch anything today, watch this.
"Canada is a fake country. Even its name is stolen.
The Canadian state was invented to protect Britain's
supply of dead beavers, timber, and gold"
These a more hard truths can be found on @subMedia's indictment of America's polite neighbor to the north, celebrates Canada Day.


@Sonstwer we added one to @cryptpad recently. Note that it's only available to registered users and it doesn't support caldav because it's end-to-end-encrypted.

I prefer not to oversell it as I know people are picky about calendars, but it's worth putting on the map.

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馃殌 CryptPad 4.7 is now live on cryptpad.fr!

This version introduces the new Form application to collaboratively create surveys and polls. This is a Beta version of the app with more features to be added in the coming weeks.

@cjd @cryptpad

As much as I love getting credit for great work, there have been some major optimizations where I can only claim to have supervised at best.

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馃殌 CryptPad 4.6.0 is now live on cryptpad.fr!

This version increases overall stability and addresses many minor issues. No major new features as the team is busy with initial work for our upcoming Forms app.

@strypey I looked through the comments on this thread and was surprised that nobody remarked on how many more people use youtube compared to bitcoin.

It's unfortunate that one company has a monopoly and that their recommendation engine leads so many down conspiracy rabbit-holes. On the positive side, there's a lot of educational content available (between the ads).

It would be great if they used less energy, but one can believe that and still think this is an indirect comparison.

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