I want to gauge interest in a podcast/video series about cryptography and game design.

It would feature stuff like mental poker and other "provably fair" games, secure multi-party computation, and p2p implementations which reflect the adversarial nature of the game in question. The field is fascinating and as far as I know there aren't any shows covering it.

Please favourite or reply if you'd be interested in such a thing.


I say "podcast" but I'd most likely distribute it via peertube. Also, I have enough ideas for a rather large number of episodes already. Maybe I'd bring in guest cryptographers if I run out of content I could produce by myself.

@ansuz where would one find out if/when this launches?

@grainloom I'm looking into setting up a peertube instance now, so assuming that goes smoothly there might be an account you could follow as early as this weekend. in any case, I'd announce things and boost it from this account once I start actually producing episodes.

@grainloom I just got through the basic setup of my peertube instance. There's still a little more work to do with it, but the instance is here: tube.cryptography.dog

I'll probably make the final account tonight/tomorrow, but I'm not sure how long it'll be before the first episode is ready.

@ansuz hec ye. saved the link. don't worry, my brain is like a sieve, it'll be at least a few days until i remember to check the link again.

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