I'm thinking about setting up my own activityPub server for personal use and looking at misskey ( because I'm most comfortable with javascript.

The contributor list is full of anime girls and I'm vaguely aware that there's some correlation between that and white supremacy... They have a code of conduct, but the readme itself has pics of busty anime girls.

So, do any of my followers have experience with the community/codebase? Would you recommend it?

Part of my motivation is that I'd like to have control over my own federation policy so that I can use the federated timeline without having to scroll past white supremacist conspiracy theories, so good moderator controls are an important feature.

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just to be clear, I get that the developers are Japanese, I'm just trying to make sure that's the main reason.

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@ansuz It's actually written by japanese people, so it's not a bunch of white folk using anime girl profile pics if that makes you more comfortable at all.
@ansuz I say this, as a white person using an anime profile pic asdqjkhjk, but in my experience it's common for japanese devs on github to have anime profile pics and they're not really associated with the western anime profile-pic users

That said, if you're looking at setting up a single-user instance, the author of misskey also has dolphin ( which is specifically for single-user instances and may be more what you'd be looking for.

@pea thanks, @dansup had pointed dolphin out to me a while back, but I forgot about it. It might be nice to let a few friends use my server for their accounts, but I'm not sure that hypothetical use-case justifies jumping through the hoops of setting up outgoing email. If dolphin works without it I'll probably go with that.

@pea @ansuz
I like #misskey, but ist's fucussed in japanese needs / features and (Most) release notes and commits not written / translated to English...

@AHg @pea Maybe there's some value in me (a primarily anglophone developer) experiencing how non-anglophones feel interacting with software written in English.

@ansuz Misskey is fully Japanese. Maybe overkill for personal use?

@ansuz @Gargron There’s, but that’s written in Python. Misskey is absolutely fine tho.

@ansuz From what I've seen, it's just the Japanese community. Though that has also limited my interactions with Misskey users, so I wouldn't know if there are Japanese edgelords over there.

@neon I assume there are, but I tend to prefer projects where the developers/community actively adopt a stance of making them unwelcome. I'm definitely in the same situation of not being able to follow the japanese posts, but the platform's features seem quite nice. I guess I'll find out what moderation controls are in place if/when I set it up.

@ansuz Misskey is a japanese project by a japanese developer(s), so, by definition it has absolutely nothing to do with white supremacy :-)

@halcek I get what you're saying and would agree if white supremacists were particularly known for holding worldviews that were internally consistent.

From the outside I can only tell that they speak Japanese, not that they are Japanese. I've stumbled across some pretty weird (and extremely racist) subcultures online, so at this point I just prefer to ask before involving myself in a community.

For a particularly bizarre example see this article:

@halcek In any case, thanks for the recommendation. I'll take a look at, even though I'd still prefer something js-based for hacking purposes.

@ansuz Well, @syuilo is the main developer behind #Misskey, and I think she does her best to be welcoming of people.

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