This weekend I prototyped an app I've been thinking about for a while. I was inspired by (Cryptomancer RPG).

It's an encrypted chat room with dice-rolling functionality, but the rolls are provably fair thanks to some fun .

It uses some APIs from the @cryptpad server so I didn't have to do all the low-level websocket stuff again.

I'll publish the source and deploy it somewhere as soon as I clean it up a bit and improve the UX. #

@ansuz this sounds really awesome, looking forward to this.

@dorifer It's good to hear that at least one person would want to use it.

Is there a proprietary/unencrypted platform you're using for this kind of thing at the moment? I know of roll20, but a full map interface is beyond what I can do in my spare time.

I want to identify a main set of workflows that could be sufficient for some simple games.

@ansuz a chat with a dice rolling mechanic would definitely be a good starting point for chat-only games, some kind of visualisation tool for maps/ images could be a step after that for classic remote table-top games (I am not a programmer, no idea how hard this would be, just wildly speculating)

@dorifer the difficulty level for any software project is largely a matter of the programmer's experience with the topic. I said it's beyond me, but I'd love to be able to lay good foundations for privacy/secure gaming and then collaborate with someone who knows about maps.

It's a fun hobby project, but for it to go past that I think I'd need to figure out what demographic of tabletop gamers are sufficiently concerned with privacy or centralization that they'd switch off the existing platforms.

@dorifer by which I mean it's unlikely to attract more contributors without first proving that the software has a decently sized (prospective) userbase.

Maybe lots of gamers care about privacy, but the status quo doesn't seem to indicate that. I'd love to be surprised, though.

@dorifer This last toot sounds way more negative than intended..

I was gonna toot about it some more but I figured it would be easier to just write a blog post.


@grempe @cryptpad neat.

I deployed my janky prototype today:

Dice rolling is an mvp, but I'm working on using the same api for something more interesting.

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