"We are not for more freedom. More freedom is given to a slave when his chains are lengthened. We are for the Abolition of the chain. So we are for freedom not for more freedom."
-Alfredo M. Bonanno

Its 4:00am the flat above me is having a party and i dont have any sleep pills. Fuck. Im gonna fucking shoot those pieces of shit tomorrow.

So hold up. If amen and awoman is a thing now. Is there gonna be human and huwoman next?

Im back everyone. It wasnt a long break and ill prolly be somewhat silent for a while. Just needed some me time for a day or two.

Im taking a break from mastodon and other platforms to wrestle with personal bullshit. ill be back once i figure stuff out

So one of the things I want to leave behind just like my grandfather once my time runs out is a book. So ive been making notes of my philosophy and reading through all of them feels super nostalgic...sometimes sad or happy too depending what i was thinking at the time because i leave a note of how i came up with that and so on.

So i would recommend anyone to atleast write a diary. Just a few words. And read it when ur bored or feeling like shit.

a friend of mine said "Just have the kids until 7pm until they sleep"
i read it "Just have to kill the kids until 7pm".... Am I a serial killer?

Just finished CyberPunk...Not gonna lie its shit. The story's decent but its buggy to hell....Try to climb through a window - get teleported, characters start t-posing, get stuck in calls and soooo much more...and dont even get me started how shit the ending was....

Anyways for anarchy and decentralisation brothers and sisters!

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