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1973-89 年 K.Verdery 在罗马尼亚零碎做过田野考察,2006年她拿到罗马尼亚安全局的解密文件,发现她当年是被正式当作军事间谍来处理的。2780页文件、70多人的检举报告、十几个以各种身份接近她的特工。然后她就抓狂了,写了一堆书,对比当年和那些不知是特工还是村民的聊天到底是不是真的…… #人类学

乐乐可是中国人民的老朋友了,去 LA 领馆撑李克强😂😂😂

Cold War 2020: Big Breasted Cheerleaders Protest at Chinese Embassy

识别不出数字的怪病 奇妙的是,大脑首先要认出那是数字然后再将其屏蔽 盘点几个比较实用的命令行界面工具。fish shell:易于使用,对初学者友好的 Shell;starship:好用的命令行提示工具,无需设置;z:快速跳转到文件系统;fzf:通用模糊搜索;fd:类似 find,但更好用;ripgrep:类似 grep,但更好用;htop 和 glances:系统监控工具;virtualenv 和 virtualfi ...「GitHubDaily发自


Coming soon… Our new blue light and privacy screen protectors. ✨ 📱 Both are durable, scratch resistant and have a special surface coating that reduces fingerprints. Just one more way we’re trying to make your phone last even longer! Take a look:

Someone made a "face depixelizer" that turn a low-res pic of a face into a high-res one and of course the first thing they did is try it out with Doomguy and honestly that's pretty impressive but also hilarious

#访谈 #潘绥铭 #红灯区 #阅读

The tear down frenzy is a complicated issue. The RT below is the first to resonate with me, however I also think most people memorialized by a statue are glorified for many dimensions of significance. Hard decisions
RT @AndyBoyStory
“I think most would agree that Satan is an important part of Christian history, but if you put up a bunch of statues of him in your , people might start to make assumptions about who you worship and what ideals you glorify”


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