Germany mulls giving end-to-end chat app encryption das boot: Law requiring decrypted plain-text is in the works

Is that possible to decrypt E2E encrypted communication ???


@noor It's possible if the main server that created E2E itself have the backdoor key.

This is shocking. E.g. WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal with E2E encryption may not be encrypted as we believe? Also, little definition of backdoor key helps me little @alsalahad

@noor but for Signal Messenger is different, because Signal Policy have different terms than WhatsApp who owned by FB (Big company searching more profit). Signal is open source and commitment to protect their users privacy without working with government, unlike WhatsApp (Facbeook) who have a scandal with Cambridge Analytica for political purpose.

Isn't Signal founder closely associated with NSA ?

Not sure how true it is, I moved away from Signal as it uses Google gcm or play service, not available on Fdroid


@noor But the latest Signal can operate without Google Play Service anymore. Signal has become stand alone app, you can check in "EFF Messenger Guide' or look their policy in their web.

Good to hear Signal is moving away from GCE or Google Play service.

I personally ditched Signal as it requires personal mobile number for registration.

This is privacy issue we over look sometime.

And self hosting/federation is not on their roadmap.

I am using Wire for few weeks with few shortfull. And XMPP /Matrix are my back up


"Isn't Signal founder closely associated with NSA ?"
I think this conclusion have same topic like Tor Onion who people say "Created by Government."

In my scenario, Signal not associated with NSA. Because Edward Snowden himself recommended his people in twitter to using Signal. I'm not in the position who expert in security and privacy, but at least I can trust his word who deep learning and have wide knowledge about Signal than me.

I am surprised you replied more than once this time.

Haha, usually u reply and gone for 2 days 😉


We had long discussion about Signal and cant find thread link for you.

I can take your words on Signal is nothing to do with NSA.

Just like you, I too believe Signal as recommended Snowden, on a single tweet.

Unfortuately i was convinced we cant barely take single Snowden tweet for whole security.

I was no infosec guy.

Again, Snowden mentioned Wire Im is better than Signal.


@noor Sorry for that :D

Really? can you send the link when he say Wire is better than Signal?

I also using Wire too, but in Linux. Laptop, because Wire need Google Play Service in Android right?

I heard from my friend that you can use VOIP number on Signal, so it can enhanced our privacy with the same level as Wire who use email.

I couldn't find the source to Snowden where he said something like, "Wire is less studied and you can use Wire instead of Signal"

It's not exactly what he said. I searched birdsite, will share when I come across

I realised this, Wire requires Google play service too.

I used Lineage OS variant, Resurrection Remix 9 with no GApps.

Here is screen of my Wire setting app stating no Google play service.

Not sure of VOIP number to be associated Signal. Not viable choice for every one.

I find few issues with Wire. My family, associates & me using it.

I want go back to Matrix or XMPP.

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