What's the one thing every web user can do to fight #SurveillanceCapitalism ?

Replace the Google Chrome browser

I've started a new website to send a message to Google that we prefer the internet without them



@jamesmullarkey Interesting, like the approach, even though it gets complex if you take a closer look - in example at Firefox and Mozilla funding (and its at least partial dependency upon money raised by including Google as search engine). 😐

@_microbe101 Sure. Still I wonder whether Mozilla and Firefox would be able to survive without Google funding. Same goes for some other FLOSS entities (GNOME...) that count Google and similar industry heavyweights as regular important donors. How "Libre" is that really if it's essentially "gratis" because of a large industry funding it...? Tough question, in my opinion.



@z428 @_microbe101 survive I think yes but obviously at a different scale. The Google money is a crazy high % of their income though.

@jamesmullarkey Yes. That's something I'm also afraid of. I'd be much more "happy" knowing I had some option to pay a fair amount of money for a Firefox environment that lives completely off a community backing it and doesn't *need* any contracts with search engines to pay any of its operations.


@z428 The bad thing is: Even, if you use browsers like Midori, most often the browser engine is the Google one. Coding a browser engine seems to be no simple task.

Because of this I was astonished, how compatible min ist. This browser is entirely written in Javascript. But I think, the browser engine may also be the Google one?!? Don't know. Writing a browser engine in JS would be crazy, I think...

@jamesmullarkey @_microbe101

@herrdoering @z428 @jamesmullarkey
2/2 is it a known & to
enable the "send a do not track request" flag?
only in modus was the right setting, because always on DNT makes you more outstanding for ?

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