Instead of a standard starting with the web community, Google is coming to the community after they’ve already built AMP and after it’s become a large part of the mobile web, and are asking for a rubber stamp.

If you’re thinking of engaging in digital activism in the streets or online, we wrote a guide specific to LGBTQIA+ considerations.

Recent shifts at US Agency for Global Media & Open Tech Fund are very concerning. OTF has always been a supporter of open source tools (including Tor) fighting for internet freedom, and their funding transparency has built trust with users. It's time to #saveinternetfreedom!

This Thursday, join Guardian Project to talk about browsing the web securely on iOS with Onion Browser.

Amazon says it supports communities vulnerable to police violence. Then why do they offer a tool that intensifies suspicion and helps police racially profile people?

Update: We've upgraded the way that Tor works with our website. If you are using the latest version of the Tor Browser you will now get prompted in the address bar about the availability of our onion service at privacyintyqcroe.onion/ if you wish to browse our website anonymously

PrivacyTools has updated their DNS page to the new card style!

If you are looking for a DNS providers, this page has all the resources you need:

#3 - Weekly maintenance window

Friday 06.06.2020 starting from 22:00 - 2:00(CEST). During this time as we work on some of the services, so you might experience some downtime.

Affected services during this week's window:
🍓 Matrix
🍏 Lufi
🌽 Nextcloud
🍹 Discourse

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