Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.

@privacytools dont spread this clickbait. you can find many other reasons to bash chrome / chromium that doesnt involve lies. chromium and chrome allows third-party cookies by default; disable those and bam, no tracking cookies

firefox has its own share of telemetrics that users have to opt out of, using sparsely-documented about:config entries
@Wetrix @privacytools one that doesnt exist yet. i dislike modern browsers and the modern web
@Wetrix @privacytools no, but i am just trying to wean myself off using the web as much. i've used native xmpp and email clients for years, i still talk on irc, i try to make use of mailing lists and newsgroups (going as far as importing mailing lists for software i use into my mail client, so i can easily search for stuff). i use mpv + youtube-dl for watching videos e.g. off youtube and twitch. im aiming to write a desktop fediverse client as well, so i can save quite a bit of memory usage from my open fedi tabs

currently i just use firefox ESR only because at least it lets me disable stuff, even though i'd rather it all be opt-in by default rather than opt-out. i couple it with umatrix to block scripts and third-party assets from a majority of websites

@opal @privacytools that's pretty cool I admire that.

So what made you dislike the internet so much to goto all these lengths?

@Wetrix @privacytools dont conflate "internet" with "web", theyre completely different

people are using web browsers as virtual machines nowadays, when they're ill-suited to do so. the html dom isnt suitable for app development; javascript was never meant to be a full-blown language like it is today

@opal @privacytools oh OK. So you don't like the tools that access the net?

@fluffy @opal @privacytools since getting a smartphone I use the net alot more to 😁

Reddit lol

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