The power of meditation and positive thinking can't be understated for me right now.

Moving is stressful.

I wonder if I'm living in a simulation? And if I am I must be an npc bc my life isn't exemplary in any way. I wonder who the player is🤔 Have I ever interacted with them? Will I ever? Or am I just some side quest they don't care about 🤔

Ok I'm thinking to much again I should goto sleep.

Good night fediverse 🌙 😴

I'm watching "Mr robot" again. Seems like a good series but I stopped the first time I tried to watch it. I found the whole "evil Corp" thing to hokey but I'm trying to watch it again and see if it's any good.

Anyone else watched it? 🤖🤖🤖

I will try to post more later today. Assuming I can deal with my brother showing up today

Good night fediverse 🌙 😴 😊

Welp I'm going to get some sleep.

Maybe I should've compiled all that into an article and thrown it on droplr and dropped a link. Sorry I didn't think of that til after.

Have a good night everyone 😊

The planet is dying, and we're heading to the brink of the abyss at break neck speed and the world's literally on fire and burning to the ground as we speak with about every kind of eco disaster you can think of.

We moved to fast. Scary times. For what times left.

All societies that have tried to change to fast died. Quite violently to. It usually ended with revolution & alot of bloodshed.

If you're not scared you should be. 10 years ago self driving cars, FB & social media didn't even exist. 40 years ago computers DIDN'T exist.

People are getting fed up. We can't cope with it. They don't WANT to cope with it. riots, demonstrations, armed protests & people going into schools killing their friends is so common it's barely even news now. It's the NORM.

People are going to school and by the time they get out of school those fields are gone are on there way out!

People that used to have livelihoods, are being replaced with robots and AI so fast that the world's changing faster than we can adapt to it. Don't think so? Look no farther than Facebook & all the inconcievable dmg it's done to society & it's been around what? Just over a decade? & now it's more powerful than most world governments. We're just realizing this NOW!
After it's too late

We are changing at such an inconceviable rate that we're completely alienated from one generation from our own!

Social reform, injustice, ideas, sociologies and norms are changing so fast that society is literally ripping itself apart. Don't think so? Look no farther than the burning wreckage of the USA with BLM, trans, LGBT, Antifa, the far left, the far right, and that's just A FEW I can think of in 6 seconds.

You know something I heard today wrung so true it just kind of gob smacked me.

We are changing TO FAST. We, humans are not meant to change this fast. Quite literally our minds aren't meant for change in the span of 10 years that usually took thousands. 14th century France was alot like 4th century France! But along came the steam engine and industrial revolution and we've been changing at break neck speed ever since.

Doodle I did on phone earlier today. Thought I'd throw it up here 😄🖌️

Time to get some sleep and hope for phone calls 📱😋

Good night fediverse 🌙 😴

Here are the best messaging apps that protect your privacy, according to a study by Protonmail

Google Used a Secret Program Called ‘Project Bernanke’ to Benefit Clients Using Its Ad-Buying System

Time to brush up my resumes and get more things packed I suppose.

Good night fediverse 🌙 😴

Quick messy evil wizard I drew whilst bored watching twitch 🧙‍♂️🔮🙃

Time to get some sleep. I still have alot of things to consider whilst moving. I have an offer from my current roommate to get a place with them again for very cheap, on the other hand I'd really like my own place 😐

The question is can I afford to turn down the offer because they're offering a really good deal.

Goodnight fediverse 🌙 😴

Reddit of course and this place is my home 😊 Well this place is home. Reddit is more just for reading.

Trump is going to launch his own social network site next month, THAT should be interesting! It will immediately gain millions of users, and be a rival to Twitter.

I don't think it'll be on the app stores, but I could be wrong. Maybe Trump will play by the rules knowing if it's not on the app store it'll be DOA 🤔©️


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