@blueberry I realized I wasn't following you sorry. Fixed! 😇

Well on that note I'm going to get some sleep and hopefully I have a functioning PC tomorrow.

If it's bad news that means that more than just the motherboard blew up. That will mean I need a new PC that I can't afford. 😢

Good night fediverse 🌙 😴

I will hopefully have my PC back up and running tomorrow 🙏🏻

To say my life has been a chaotic mess atm would be an understatement 😅 Now I have to get ready to start moving. 😖

I'm going to take a hard stance and get rid of alot of stuff though. I have to purge stuff I can't take with me and let go of alot of stuff.

Sentimental value is a pain to fight with.

OK I thought I was getting up, but after some debate with my body, my brain has been overruled and I'm going back to sleep.

Time to get some sleep.

It says my motherboard was delivered today! I hope!!!!!

Good night fediverse 🌙 😴

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