Can someone recommend me a instance that do NOT or content (a.k.a. other instances)?

I'm gonna give a look, but I don't want to miss videos because the owner of the instance unilaterally decides that I should not be watching some content because he don't like it.

@Vortax Peertube i use and it seems to have the most instances federated with it (that currently accept registration). I like it so far.


I tried signing in for this one, I'll see how it works. Thanks.

If you're looking for an instance to back up the educational videos from security community, is specifically designed for that kind of stuff, I think.

If /r/datahoarder want to set up an instance, i think I've seen @felix say it only costs about €12 per month for way more capacity than needs.

@manicphase @Vortax Yep, thats what I'm paying at for a 2 cpu vps and 1 tb of storage.


Thanks for the info. I will be backuping the full array of videos on my own NAS (as soon as I get a couple more of 10 TB drives).

I will not upload them to peertube, as I do not own the copyright, so I have no right to upload them to any site for public viewing. That is something the content creators have to do, not me...

I would really hope they do this, but...

@Vortax @manicphase You could try asking them for permission, and explain that there is no profit involved for anyone.

Have you ever tried to contact to a YouTube Online creator?

Good luck.

I have, lots of times, and not a single one I even got an answer. Even very small ones (under 1.000 followers)

Yeah I've tried. Every time someone complains about youtube dicking them. Nobody ever listens 😫

@Vortax That would be very hard, because there are already instances that upload piracy or untagged porn. Not blocking pirated content would most likely cause legal trouble for other instances. Of course you can always run your own.


Well, i suppose I'm looking for one of this piracy-untagged porn instances.

I want to register in one instance that does not block content, I don't mind if there is illegal content on them. I will be the one filtering my results, not the admins.

If a "nice instance" offer legal content and block some instances because reasons, and "illegal instances" show both their content and the content from "nice instances", then I want to be in the illegal ones...

@Vortax You as a user might not care, but instance admins will definitely care if they get dmca messages, or even get sued. At least I dont want to deal with that, but maybe other instances are different (not that I know which ones in particular).

Yes, of course, I'm just trying (as user) to reach as many content as I can. If I would run my own instance, the your are right I would need to think how I manage the problem, but this is not the case. I'm searching for an instance to join as user.

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