people of Mastodon. Where are you all?

I get a lot of noise on here, but nothing pertinent to subject matter I'm interested in...

Second Still - Second Still. Outstanding band I've loved for several years. They supported She Past Away in London last year and were astonishing. Check them out!

Is anyone still using this by the way? It's the only social media I keep active these days.

Necessity is the mother of invention, apparently. So I modified one of my monitor arms and turned it into a DSLR arm for a better videoconferencing experience

Hoping to get out with this at the weekend and study Betelgeuse. Not had a weekend to myself since the new year...

Also, happy

Obligatory apps:
OS: OpenBSD & LineageOS
Browser: Dissenter & Bromite
Passwords: Bitwarden
Search: Qwant
Mail: Protonmail
VPN: Protonvpn
Cloud: Tresorit
Messaging: Signal

I do like Mastodon, but it has been 6 months since joining and none of my social circle has shown up on here. I see lots of moaning about Facebook & Twitter being awful, but I don't see a mass exodus jumping ship to the Fediverse. Curious...

Not posted on here for a while (largely because not much has happened), so I'm going to return with some dick waving. I've upgraded my USB Podcaster with an XLR Procaster. My word it takes a lot of gain to make it shine, but it sounds great! That is all...

I regret not buying a few more of these now. A GlusterFS cluster is the way forward as a home NAS replacement.

PSA: If you've not been listening to '40 Years of Goth' over at Mixcloud, then what are you waiting for? Head over there and enjoy a trip down memory lane:

You know what's more trouble than it's worth? External GPU connected via a Thunderbolt 3 port.

Lots of fannying around to get it working and not completely stable once it does finally work. Next time I'm going with a mini ITX setup rather than a NUC + external GPU.

Testing the Android app, nothing to see here...

Return of the Empire by Horror Vacui

In my opinion, this is their finest work. Exceptionally good from Italy

Distance by Rendez-Vous

Imagine if The Clash went off in a more wave & post-punk inspired direction.

folks: Has anybody taken PrimeOS for a spin? Any idea why the Date of birth and Gender fields are a mandatory part of the post install setup?

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