If your on Android, and use the Google Play Store, then there's something to change.

The Google Play Store is the place to see :ad: s thrown in your face. Also full of Proprietary software and trackers, I would skip it.

Instead use F-Droid.

Name: F-Droid

Features: Free software, Respects your privacy, Almost all apps Free software (if not partially open e.g. Tutanota, Bitwarden).

Mastodon: @fdroidorg



Stay Safe!

@Tommy @fdroidorg what do you mean *almost* all are Free Software? Every single app on F-Droid is 100% FOSS, and compiled from source by F-Droid itself


I don't agree that All apps are 100% FOSS as you said.

There are some apps that are Client-side open source, but their servers aren't.

Every app on F-Droid has a release of their source code in a way, but they don't have to be "100% FOSS".

That's of my knowledge and I may be wrong..

Stay Safe though!

@Tommy @fdroidorg the apps themselves are 100% FOSS, but yes they may depend on a proprietary server etc. It's just not correct to say the apps are not FOSS.

@Matter @fdroidorg
So your saying by "100% FOSS", your just referring to the client?

I'm not sure if that's correct...

@Tommy @fdroidorg the server isn't the application, and F-Droid only has the applications. And 100% of what is on F-Droid is FOSS.

That doesn't mean the apps don't depend on other things that might be proprietary, but nothing that is on F-Droid contains any proprietary code, and those that depend on proprietary servers etc are marked clearly with "AntiFeatures"

The servers run the applications so it's ironic to say the servers part isn't going to effect the meaning of Free and Open Source.

And also, what do you mean by 100% FOSS when you say that apps might depend on something proprietary?

Again, Stay Safe ;)

@Tommy We're arguing semantics here, but I think it's important to get the details right.

Every single application on F-Droid is 100% FOSS. All of it.

Now, what do I (and everyone) mean by "application on F-Droid"? It's the code that actually runs on your phone. All of that is 100% FOSS.

Now, some of the apps on F-Droid are going to connect to servers that run proprietary software, but the application itself has no proprietary components.

Even Stallman doesn't mind applications connecting to servers that run proprietary code, as long as you don't run proprietary code on your machine.


"If some of them are nonfree, that usually doesn't directly affect users of the service. They are not running those programs; the service operator is running them."

"if the service operator runs GNU/Linux or other free software, that's not a virtue that affects you"

"Thus, we don't have a rule that free systems shouldn't use (or shouldn't depend on) services (or sites) implemented with nonfree software"

Thanks for the article.

I'll probably do a bit more research on this.

Stay Safe!

I'm still not on your side.

A app that has a Non-free network has no meaning to 100% FOSS.

@Tommy well, you're wrong. If an app does not contain proprietary code then by definition it is 100% FOSS. Which is a requirement to be included in F-Droid.

So your telling me the 100% FOSS goes only to the client?

Sorry, I'm still a bit of a beginner..

@Tommy @Matter he means the app(the client) is 100% free software.
Whatever he says has nothing to do with the server

@techit @Tommy yes, there are no servers on F-Droid. Everything that is on F-Droid is free software...

@Matter @techit

Are you sure there's no apps with servers though?

What about something like Tutanota, where they are on F-Droid and they have a non-free server?

@Tommy @techit the client is on F-Droid. The client is FOSS. It talks to the server, which is proprietary. This doesn't mean that the app isn't FOSS. An app is just the thing that runs on your phone, and that's FOSS.

@Tommy @fdroidorg
If you want to uninstall Playstore but still need some apps/updates from there you can use Aurora Store (Shows tracker count from exodus; you can filter out apps with ads in the search; you can put deactivated apps on a ignore list so that they won't get updated when you press 'update all').

@Tommy @fdroidorg
Also when using Aurora Store you don't need a google account. That makes it possible to run your phone without a google account.


The Aurora Store is pretty neat and yes, there is a option for a anonymous account :)

Still, all apps you will ever need are in F-Droid.

@Tommy I like your idealism and I would agree with you 90%.
But there's stuff that you won't get and is really inconvenient not to have.
Example 1: DB Navigator (8 trackers): I want to use digital tickets; I don't have a printer; I book last-minute. I use it even though it has 8 trackers because I don't know any alternative.
Example 2: Carsharing Deutschland (0 trackers).

Makes sense ;)

But I do know an (German native) alternative to DB Navigator I think you would really like!

It's called Öffi and it's a F-Droid repository!


Stay Safe!

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