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Remember, Bluetooth is extremely insecure and should be avoided whenever possible.

By the way, I don't have a Twitter account. I was just using Nitter (NixNet supremacy) and saw it.

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Just saw a poll on Twitter -- less than a hundred votes so anything but scientific -- but it was inquiring about people's *favorite* messaging app. More than 60% of people said WhatsApp and only <10% said Signal. I think despite the low amount of people voting, it was by a tech person, so the numbers should have been the most favorable, but it seems Signal's still got a way to go.

I don't get the problem with the Microsoft repo on RPis. I mean they're devices at their core meant for children and beginner coders (whether that's their common real world use or not), so it stands to reason that on the default os they'll have a repo that likely allows some common programs to function (VSCode for example). Also, it's only on the default OS. The kind of people who will be bothered by this sort of thing aren't using RPi OS, they're using ALARM or Void or something like that.

Huge thank you for the support on the articles, I really appreciate it. What would you all like to see a post about next? I have a couple ideas but just looking for some things to maybe write about in the future, we'll see.

If @threemaapp would ever implement disappearing messages then I'd think of switching, but like come on - a "secure/private" messaging app without disappearing messages? Doesn't seem so private to me.

Holy! The Discord article just hit 35 views, the Firefox Hardening Guide got 130, and the Ungoogled Chromium Hardening guide just hit 250 - all just this morning! Thank you all so much, I know they aren't big numbers to a lot of people but to me that's insane.

Third blog post just came out! Its about Discord! I worked for hours and hours on this one and I'm really proud of how it turned out. Hope you all enjoy!

Have an amazing rest of your day!

Next blog post is almost done, should be out relatively soon (within the next couple of days)! Really happy with how it's turned out, hope you all will be too!

Why is it so difficult to find a service that can host images like Imgur that respects privacy and doesn't serve a shit ton of unskippable ads to users before they can view the image. I've gone through like ten by now and every one of them shows like "HOT WOMEN IN YOUR AREA" and all that shit before anyone can see the image that I uploaded.

People need to stop with their anti-whatsapp shit. They're awful, I agree. Everyone should be using Matrix or Signal, but people start recommending things like IRC and email, which not only do they mirror many of the same problems, they're unencrypted. Meaning that the content of your messages can be read and viewed by the providers that each party has chosen. Stop using WhatsApp, but don't use this to take your moral high ground and then on top of it recommend people worse things.

Working on a new blog post that will be huge and fairly ambitious for me as I'm not a big writer. It'll likely take a couple of days at least, but I'm really excited for it.

How do people post so far over the character limit? Like I've seen people post 450+ characters over, is there something I'm missing?

Anyone here use Molly? I've heard a lot about it and just wanted some opinions.

(To be extremely clear, I am not referring to the substance/drug, I'm referring to the Signal client.)

Second blog post just went up now! It's an in-depth guide to hardening Ungoogled Chromium that I have worked on alongside the Firefox guide for a long time now.


Wow almost 100 views on my first ever blog post, that's insane. Thank you all so much for the support! There's more coming soon!

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