If you want to improve your privacy from these stock apps, you might be able to flash LineageOS. Be warned, though, this will utterly destroy your security. If you want security and privacy, get a Pixel 4a or newer and flash it with GrapheneOS.
Back within the constraints of the stock OS, though, make sure you have revoked all the app's permissions. Try to use an app firewall like NetGuard and block its internet access, too. Its a system app so this may not be effective, but its worth a try.

@allsyed I can't find any information on what exactly Vigilante is. Is it a stock app? Stock Android is definitely tracking you, but randomly accessing your camera would be implemented on the OEMs part. Cause that's a hell of a lot of traffic and storage for something that 98% of the time will be the inside of a pocket, a ceiling, or maybe part of your face every now and then. Not worth obliterating your security by using a custom ROM on a phone that doesn't allow bootloader relocking.


@weltsnake I love what they're doing, but all dating or public profile apps have the same problem. Even if the platform itself isn't collecting immense amounts of data on its users and selling it, three problems arise.
A: They have to hold this information to do these profiles.
B: Even if they don't use this data maliciously or sell it, its trivial for users themselves to scrape data off the service.
C: The more anonymity you allow the less safe it is for users themselves.

@dch 20+38+17+26 = 101...my OCD...

Not all closed source software is bad, sometimes developers just don't want to be kanged, and I don't think that you can really blame then for that given the track record of the tech community.

Infrequent status update #5964

I had the article ready to post but have been trying to figure out where to put it now that ptio fucked their instance of writefreely. They locked it behind a login prompt so now I'm just a bit lost.

@Wetrix I believe it largely originated (or was at least became a lot worse) from the pandemic and the story that it all came from Wuhan.
To be clear, I am in no way defending it, just trying to clear it up to my understanding.

@hex00fshield This terrible security is the case for most ROMs.
It destroys verified boot, weakens SE Linux policies, uses userdebug builds adding immense amounts of unnecessary attack surface, no firmware updates, no rollback protection, and more.
All of Lineage's problems plus all of the devices it supports are too old to get *real* security updates.
OmniROM, /e/, Paranoid android, etc. They're all more or less the same. Stock doesn't have any of these problems.

@ParmuTownley @Wetrix I've used Stock, Lineage, manufacturer ROMs, and Graphene. I have never used Calyx because I can't stand the developers, and also their OS lacks a lot of security improvements, but I'd imagine its a fine choice for many people. I think Android's great, I have nothing against it, I'm just saying that the statement that it's Linux or based on Linux is a bit hyperbolic.

@swashberry There's nothing wrong with GitHub. Just because they're owned by Microsoft doesn't instantly resign them to being evil. They don't profit from users, use only necessary cookies, take up for the rights of users (as shown in the case of youtube-dl), the list goes on.

@ParmuTownley @Wetrix
"But tbf most people don't know theyre running Linux on their phone."

Its probably because they aren't. Android used some parts of Linux's kernel code -- the similarities between Android and Linux past that are miniscule at best.

@hex00fshield ah I see. Lineage destroys your security, so I wouldn't do it unless absolutely necessary. Stock is more secure in every case except for Graphene.

M1 iPad's cool and all but it just furthers Apple's already unbreakable grasp on users, and puts them and their privacy even more at the mercy of Apple's lackluster user protections and iron fist.

@ParmuTownley I think that the only way to join currently is to either message the dev or to apply on their site -- if I find an invite code, I'll certainly let you know, though.

@krock @MrRawes If you're looking for small files, WMA or AAC are your best bets. MP3 is the worst of both worlds, having poor quality and at best *okay* file sizes. Vorbis at least sounds a bit better while keeping the size down. WMA and AAC sound significantly better with tiny file sizes and wide -- although maybe not quite as strong as mp3 -- player compatibility.

Holy -- revolt.chat is actually a possible competitor to Discord.

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