Don't switch operating systems or hold out on buying products just because someone online said about a product being only for "consoomers" or "chads" or whatever the fuck other dumb bullshit people throw around. , You shouldn't put so much stock into their half-baked unsubstantiated bullshit opinions, because realistically they don't give a single shit about you -- and the sooner that you realize that the better.

@TheDoctor More just the fact that I see it all of the time with, then people in the comments genuinely feeling bad about whatever choice they made because of it.

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat You're right, 'they' don't care about you. They care about hurting bad actors, and that just happens to help some people.

But you're right, it's fully unintentional.

@Fuzzy62 Its not always about hurting bad actors. Trashing Windows and Mac and telling people to use Ubuntu, trashing Ubuntu and telling people to use Arch, trashing Arch and telling people to use Artix, trashing Artix and telling people to use Void. Custom keyboards over stock ones, trashing Apple and telling people to switch to Android, etc etc. None of these hurt bad actors, but yet they're some if the most common in this context. For many people, Linux isn't better. Its security is so

lackluster it's not even viable for many. Trashing people's choice of distribution and then telling them to switch to another hardly better distribution especially isn't hurting bad actors. If people don't know about Graphene or the necessary precautions on Android, they're actually in a worse privacy and security position than they were before. I get that these are memes and jokes, but a lot of new people don't take them that way, and really take that as genuine information and as truth.

Many out there are like me, here's a list of safer, more secure stuff you should consider. If you're hanging in the 'My OS is better than yours' echo chambers yeah, you're going to get some downright bad advice.

But on the other hand we have people like you who scream everything anyone tells you is bull. That's worse because many actually are just trying to help people.

And when you post fire and brimstone, "everyone's out to get you", it makes it look like you're a partisan and trying to hide it, or you took someone's 'advice' without vetting it and got burned.

Doesn't mean everyone is evil.

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