🎉 It's time to announce my new company that needs to replace my job within time :blobcatgiggle:

#Stuxhost - Domains, Shared Webhosting, VPS Hosting & SSL Certificates

Cheap domain names, 99.9% Uptime Shared Webhosting with free DirectAdmin Panel, Fast & Secure Cloud VPS Hosting & SSL Certificates. :stux:

(Some things I am still working on like the knowledge base and other info pages. All other is working 100% :flan_hacker: )

#Hosting #VPS #Domains @Stuxhost



@stux @Stuxhost

Excited for the product, just one question. Why should people trust you? Like 1984hosting, run by political and privacy activists. Njalla, run by the people behind the Pirate bay and myriad VPN, messaging, and hosting ventures. This goes for other popular "trustworthy" hosting, so what puts you apart from the rest and makes you someone worth trusting with sometimes fairly sensitive user information?

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat @Stuxhost

A very nice question!❤️ It's the same with the mstdn social media platform! :cat_hug_triangle: I started out here and rolled out a bunch of services along the way for everyone to use. The thank I get from people is overwhelming so why not also do what I love but with the paid option :ablobwink: My focus is not getting big quick but getting there right with support as number one focus 💕

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