After a while trying Go out, I must say I'm very impressed with the language overall.

It retains many things from C syntax, while supercharging it to make it ridiculously easy to write high-level code that's also efficient. But you can dig deep if you want and go a little lower-level. Docs are well written and maintained. Unlike Ruby or Python, the syntax is never ambiguous.

What I dislike the most is how strict the Go linter is. I really dislike K&R braces.

What are your thoughts on Go?

I tried Rust, but in my opinion, Rust makes it too difficult to write software as it enforces safety above everything else, and it adds cognitive overhead to the task of software engineering.

Writing Go I found myself to enjoy the process of software development. I thought I didn't like software engineering because I was so used to C, Java, Python and Ruby, but Go is just fantastic.

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@L1Cafe That's the point of Rust, though. If you can write in rust then you have an immense advantage in writing private and secure software even if it is more difficult. To each their own but I'm just saying its not as much of a negative as it seems initially.

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