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I had the article ready to post but have been trying to figure out where to put it now that ptio fucked their instance of writefreely. They locked it behind a login prompt so now I'm just a bit lost.

M1 iPad's cool and all but it just furthers Apple's already unbreakable grasp on users, and puts them and their privacy even more at the mercy of Apple's lackluster user protections and iron fist.

Holy -- is actually a possible competitor to Discord.

The PinePhone is a project with so much potential. It has such a fantastic idea, entirely squandered by lackluster OS implementation and archaic specifications. It's really disappointing.

Hey so they are putting that sensor to use.
Still wish they'd use it to bring the most secure face unlock back to their phones but alright.

Don't switch operating systems or hold out on buying products just because someone online said about a product being only for "consoomers" or "chads" or whatever the fuck other dumb bullshit people throw around. , You shouldn't put so much stock into their half-baked unsubstantiated bullshit opinions, because realistically they don't give a single shit about you -- and the sooner that you realize that the better.

Something about Mastodon just feels so different when compared to other social platforms. It feels more like an intertwined community or something, I just can't really explain it.

Just saw someone trashing Zoom, while then having a KeyBase ID in their bio. The irony is just too perfect.

Here's something I've been thinking a lot about recently. When people inevitably get technological implants to record vision and things of the like...what happens if there are privacy policy changes?

Apple is out here fixing like theoretical vulnerabilities that would require physical access and stuff, while Google is just leaving vulnerabilities for weeks if not months to just be exploited.

You can't make this shit up. Only nineteen days after making my last toot about TechLore, they made a video spreading false and largely detrimental information about the privacy of Windows 10 and telling people that they can make it private. Fucking nuts.

Why do people even use F-Droid clients? Like what's the issue with the normal client? You're sacrificing trust and confidence in your builds for what I can only assume is done solely for a menial aesthetic increase.

Just made a Lemmy account today! Link in bio! Looks pretty great so far.

The drop shadows on the Lemmur F-Droid app are so over the top, it's really distracting.

Friendly reminder: Discord is insane spyware. Don't use it under any circumstances.

Absolutely insane. Almost 180 views on my Firefox Hardening Guide, near 190 on my Discord post, and almost 600 on my Ungoogled Chromium guide! That is so crazy to me, thank you all so much. More posts coming soon.

Leave suggestions in the comments of what you'd like to see next and I might make a post about it!

I don't think I ever truly realized how bad Windows was until yesterday. After a year of exclusively stable Linux installs, never a crash, never a problem, I needed to use Windows for something. So I put in my Windows SSD and the OS wipes itself out the second I boot. For no reason. And then put me in an inescapable "recovery process" loop.
- Signed, a previous eight year Windows user.

It pisses me off how many people trust TechLore, it just spreads privacy misinformation and gives people false security. It is one of the most aggravating things in the privacy community to me.

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