Working on a new blog post that will be huge and fairly ambitious for me as I'm not a big writer. It'll likely take a couple of days at least, but I'm really excited for it.

How do people post so far over the character limit? Like I've seen people post 450+ characters over, is there something I'm missing?

Anyone here use Molly? I've heard a lot about it and just wanted some opinions.

(To be extremely clear, I am not referring to the substance/drug, I'm referring to the Signal client.)

Second blog post just went up now! It's an in-depth guide to hardening Ungoogled Chromium that I have worked on alongside the Firefox guide for a long time now.


Wow almost 100 views on my first ever blog post, that's insane. Thank you all so much for the support! There's more coming soon!

Isn't the premise of TikTok so strange? What are essentially children, doing provocative dances to lyrically sexually implicative songs. Not just like doing it among friends as a joke or something either, they're recording it and posting it publicly on a platform owned by a Chinese company with known ties to the Chinese Communist Party. I don't know, just something about that doesn't sit right with me.

First post just went live! Its an in-depth post about hardening Firefox that I've been slowly working on in my free time for a long time now.


Just got an invite from the great people over at to their WriteFreely instance. On there I'll write guides and informational posts about privacy, security, computers, system administration, and more! New posts coming soon, if you'd like to check it out, the link is now in my "profile metadata" page, which is right below my bio.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Rust is faster than C now lol

Good for devs because y'know... speed.. But also good for everyone else because of wider adoption of memory safe languages.

Hopefully that means that more devs will actually use it.

Facebook really just tried to screw everything don't they? Like buttons that more or less implement trackers across the entire internet, forcing Oculus users to make Facebook accounts (I was so mad about this after I spent $400 on a fucking hmd that will now just pretty much be a paperweight), they make WhatsApp users bow to the zucc, they took giphy, the list goes on. Like come on - have some mercy..

Its crazy to me how less toxic Mastodon is versus Twitter. Like I used twitter for four years and that community was filled with toxicity, death threats, and doxxing. You come to Mastodon and it's like people explaining the platform to newbies, supporting other users, teaching people basics of privacy and security, etc.

Its just weird how much the platform varies with the attitude of its users.

Oh no the k-pop stans have found mastodon. This is the end my friends..

Myth 3; Linux is more private!
Now this one is true for the most part, desktop Linux tends to be more private out of the box. The myth comes from people frequently portraying it as the one catch-all solution. If you're still using anti privacy applications on your computer, then your privacy will still suffer, actually to a worse extend compared to something like Windows or MacOS due to the whole no sandboxing thing.

If there are any that I missed, comment them and I'll try and add them.

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Myth 2; Everyone should switch to Linux, its the best OS!
Now, I used to be of this mindset, but it is also far from true. Software support is limited (unless you're really into SuperTux), command line can be daunting to new users, you've mostly got to have someone who can guide you through and teach you the basics, which not everyone has, and much more.


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Myth 1; Linux is more secure because FOSS!
This is false. Linux is actually notably less secure, due to lacking exploit mitigations, no sandboxing, etc. While it can slightly improve it, no amount of hardening can fix it. Linux is actually beat out in security by almost every other major OS, Windows 10, MacOS, and ChromeOS most notably.


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There is too much misinformation in the Linux community, to the point where even Linux veterans are even misinformed. That said, I've created a list of a few common misconceptions and their truths, all typed below. This also isn't like some of the Linux myth lists online that just include worthless garbage like "Linux can not play DVDs or any other media", "Linux can't play music", or my personal favorite "Linux can't open images" (all real examples from a list of "common Linux myths").

Unscientific poll: On a desktop/laptop keyboard (so not mobile) how many words per minute do you type?

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