I recently started using the pro version of Netguard and now I have the issue that I'm not quite sure if some connections apps ask for are legitimate. For some some Protonmail want to connect to firebaseinstallations.googleapis.com. Does anyone know what exactly that does? Is is related to push messages maybe?

And here you have a video for setting up Mint for gaming. You can also have look at the channel for other videos about other distros.

How To Set Up Linux Mint 20 For Gaming – Steam Proton, Wine, nVidia GPU, Lutris, Feral Gamemode

I'm liking the new Tor Browser release for android. It even has support for numerous addons (for some reason). Although I know it's a bad idea I'm somewhat tempted to install ublock. Ads are just the worst.

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It's here! The new #FreeTube has just released! This release is a year long rewrite of the application which includes a huge revamp of everything. There's even some new things that wasn't in the last release. Take a look at the blog post to learn more.


Thank you so much for your patience on this, I really hope it was worth the wait!

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Can someone recommend a phone to buy for a person who is not technologically proficient at all and has never owned a smartphone but is not a privacy disaster? I'm really not sure here.

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📖 Read “Why I Decided to Run a Tor Relay” by PrivacyTools blog guest contributor @syntax live at blog.privacytools.io/why-i-dec

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Donate your computing power to help scientists fight covid-19 and other diseases:

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