And here you have a video for setting up Mint for gaming. You can also have look at the channel for other videos about other distros.

How To Set Up Linux Mint 20 For Gaming – Steam Proton, Wine, nVidia GPU, Lutris, Feral Gamemode

I'm liking the new Tor Browser release for android. It even has support for numerous addons (for some reason). Although I know it's a bad idea I'm somewhat tempted to install ublock. Ads are just the worst.

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It's here! The new #FreeTube has just released! This release is a year long rewrite of the application which includes a huge revamp of everything. There's even some new things that wasn't in the last release. Take a look at the blog post to learn more.


Thank you so much for your patience on this, I really hope it was worth the wait!

#privacy #opensource

Can someone recommend a phone to buy for a person who is not technologically proficient at all and has never owned a smartphone but is not a privacy disaster? I'm really not sure here.

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📖 Read “Why I Decided to Run a Tor Relay” by PrivacyTools blog guest contributor @syntax live at blog.privacytools.io/why-i-dec

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Donate your computing power to help scientists fight covid-19 and other diseases:

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