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@glitcher32 color switch and when I delete the line am I supposed to delete the empty space to?

@glitcher32 so I deleted two lines of com.adcolony and this Happened when I tried to build

@glitcher32 middle tab is files. Do I edit the files or manifest.xml

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Need a hacker... My friend lost his PlayStation account with all his games

@glitcher32 could u remove tracking or no? Also could u teach me or is it too hard

@glitcher32 actually could you teach me to remove trackers so I can do it for all my apps?

@glitcher32 can u remove the trackers on Reddit for me? Tell me if I'm asking too much I don't wanna put too much pressure or anything

@glitcher32 well sweatcoin can get a Samsung TV and 1000$ sooo๐Ÿ˜‚

@glitcher32 r u able to do an app like AppNana or sweatcoin? Modded?

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