@glitcher32 just so I could understand a bit do u know how I could do it to Firefox? Like fennec I guess

@glitcher32 how do you remove analytics and proprietary parts of an app?

@jonah yea but tor doesn't bypass or encrypt all my traffic

@Mayana but how do I use that for YouTube without making a Google account

@nikolal no create a new one because I want to make a new email for yt but I can't use my number cuz I made too many acc3

What's the best free VPN or that has a trial? That doesn't require credit card

Hey does anyone know how to bypass using a phone number for Google accounts? Used it to much

@one which questions? I wasnt asking is acmarket good I was just saying like u forgot acmarket

@glitcher32 if it's not too much to ask.. How can I mod the app ex. To get max level or coins

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