@glitcher32 r u able to do an app like AppNana or sweatcoin? Modded?

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@Rediikid Probably not, they're pretty secure. What things are you looking to buy in apps like that?

@glitcher32 well sweatcoin can get a Samsung TV and 1000$ soooπŸ˜‚

@Rediikid It doesn't mean anything lol, anyone can put it by there name. I made the red badge. Im currently making all colors and the admin is hopefully putting them on here for people like you to enjoy.

@glitcher32 actually could you teach me to remove trackers so I can do it for all my apps?

@Rediikid Use this to search your apps for trackers. Not all apps are on here and sometimes the search is messed up.

For example if you search "Reddit", nothing will come up, but if you search "com.reddit.frontpage" it will.

@glitcher32 could u remove tracking or no? Also could u teach me or is it too hard

@Rediikid I could remove the Google trackers and what not, but I don't know much about Reddit and the privacy policy there so even if the Google trackers were removed, Reddit themselves may track you.

@Rediikid You can use APK Editor Pro or Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher may or may not be easier for someone like you, but in APK Editor, do a full edit on the app (and decode all) then goto the middle tab and search something like "ads" and for Google ads for example, click where the search results come in and remove the full line that has that and save. This is alot to explain but in the pic look at how in AndroidManifest.xml it shows "". Every app is different tho.

@glitcher32 middle tab is files. Do I edit the files or manifest.xml

@glitcher32 so I deleted two lines of com.adcolony and this Happened when I tried to build

@Rediikid You may have done something wrong. Make sure you delete the entire line. What app are you trying to do?

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