Hey guys I need help getting a new Linux distro cuz I have windows 10 right now and I'm kinda fed up with Microsoft. An suggestions? I tried out Linux mint and ubuntu

@Rediikid well it depends on what you want... what are your expectations from your system?

otherwise people will just throw their fav distros at you... i like fedora

@bugbear I expect a user friendly, fast, stable and good for daily use

@Rediikid Honestly, linux mint is probably the very easiest if you just want a standard plug and play system. pop!_OS is pretty nice if your interested in the Ubuntu ecosystem, and want something a bit more... artsy? If you want to go a little off the wall, Antergos or Manjaro. I hesitate to suggest Manjaro just because I hear some bad things about their update choices, but it's a solid system in general.
If you want to put in some effort and go crazy, just plain arch, and roll your own?

@Rediikid are you familiar with ElementaryOS? Very solid choice for Linux beginners, based on Ubuntu:

@Rediikid I would say Either LMDE or Debian testing/unstable with XFCE

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