Hey guys I need help getting a new Linux distro cuz I have windows 10 right now and I'm kinda fed up with Microsoft. An suggestions? I tried out Linux mint and ubuntu

@Rediikid well it depends on what you want... what are your expectations from your system?

otherwise people will just throw their fav distros at you... i like fedora

@bugbear I expect a user friendly, fast, stable and good for daily use

@Rediikid How well did you like them? What did you dislike about them, what other features would you like to see?
How about Debian? It's pretty privacy friendly and has a lot of packages, but still decently simple to use for newbies like you and me.
Maybe this link would help you.

@Mayana @Rediikid Ubuntu and Linux Mint are distros for starters and very well supported with guides and solutions to common problems from community. Linux Mint has very similar GUI with Windows10 so maybe start there, get familiar with it and then maybe try other non-debian based distros.

@Mayana Ubuntu felt too much like a tablet and Linux mint felt a bit ugly and old (the desktop environment)

@Rediikid Honestly, linux mint is probably the very easiest if you just want a standard plug and play system. pop!_OS is pretty nice if your interested in the Ubuntu ecosystem, and want something a bit more... artsy? If you want to go a little off the wall, Antergos or Manjaro. I hesitate to suggest Manjaro just because I hear some bad things about their update choices, but it's a solid system in general.
If you want to put in some effort and go crazy, just plain arch, and roll your own?

@Rediikid are you familiar with ElementaryOS? Very solid choice for Linux beginners, based on Ubuntu:

@Rediikid I would say Either LMDE or Debian testing/unstable with XFCE

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