Can you guys help me think of a yt name? I suck at thinking if names😂😂

@Rediikid What sort of name would you like? BadName123? IEatPizza? YoutubeIsForFaggots? Jackbob?

@Rediikid Well, that's up to you. If you like it, sure. But are you savage enough? And what does hxpe stand for?
What sort of content will you be uploading?
Also, have you considered using PeerTube instead of youtube? It's similar to youtube, but not not owned by google and more privacy friendly. It works the same as all Fediverse services like Mastodon; you find an instance you like and join it.

@Mayana I use Vanced do u know which is better with features?

@Rediikid I'm unfortunately not familiar with Vanced, so can't help you with that. But I hope someone else can.

@Rediikid It's a website, just like Mastodon. You just find an instance and join it.
You don't have to install anything unless you want to use an app instead of the web browser. I've seen a few apps for it on F-Droid, but I haven't used them yet, so I'm not sure how good they are. The website should work just fine, though.

@Rediikid I haven't used PeerTube much, so can't give you any specific recommendation. But here's a few lists that you can browse through to find one you like. Hopefully someone else can give you more specific answers.

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