"Data is not gold.
Data is more like oil. And we know what happens when a tanker sinks: the sea all over it gets polluted. We need to be extremely careful how we handle data."

Eric Leandri, founder & CEO of Qwant

@Qwant will you move your company to the US now that the French government is forcing you to censor results or is this simply not gonna be addressed?

@dixiede @Qwant that's like asking "will you escape your house with a spreading fire in the kitchen, to run into that other house that's engulfed in flames?"

they'd have a better time in Switzerland it's only next door... and they speak french!

@salsa20 @Qwant switzerland would definitely be better than France, I agree but since Switzerland doesn't have free speech, I'm afraid they could make them censor their results as well - although not as quickly as the French government did now. But at least @Qwant should acknowledge that this is an issue currently for their company and tell us what they plan on doing about it. Else it seems - as they're also sponsored by the gov - that they actually don't see it as an issue.

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