"Data is not gold.
Data is more like oil. And we know what happens when a tanker sinks: the sea all over it gets polluted. We need to be extremely careful how we handle data."

Eric Leandri, founder & CEO of Qwant

You've been waiting for this for a long time: we're launching the alternative map service, open and with privacy as a priority. We explain this ambitious project on


We're launching a new blog:
β€³ betterweb.qwant.com/
γ€€γ€€ γ€€γ€€/

Here is a great website created by @ethical_net that lists all alternative and ethical web services.

We're glad to be listed in the "search engine" section!


The world leaders in Internet are Chinese or American.

This table shows us the importance of developing European champions.

It's in progress: OVH, Deezer, Qwant, Spotify, Zalando...

We're very happy to be a partner of the HTC EXODUS and thus to be the default search engine on it.

It's together that we can make progress in terms of privacy. Join the movement!

According to CNBC, Google recorded the purchases of Gmail users through receipts sent by email.

That’s why we think you personal data shouldn’t be collected.

Join the movement!


"In Europe we are different and we think differently about Privacy"

Thank you very much Margrethe Vestager for your support!

Another Web is emerging, it embodies European values.

let's go!

Come and see us on booth E19 HALL 1

Discover the exhibition The Glass Room Experience. Our Data Detox experts will help you clean up your personal data and discover alternatives!

Join the movement

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