We consider that technology must now be put at the service of human beings. That's why we have created Qwant Causes this year.

Since May 2019, 27,887.94 euros have been donated to associations. 💰

Congratulations to all users! 👏


Internet tracking is present everywhere. We are even tracked when you open an email and click on the link.

However, there are ways to limit it. Thank you EFF for this tutorial!


We totally agree with that. Censorship and Internet surveillance are related topics.

That's why we provide a search engine without tracking and without customized filter bubbles.


In July 2018, we added a "learn to enrich the encyclopedia" button next to the Wikipedia overviews.

Since then, the number of views on the help page has increased significantly as shown in the graph below.
We are happy to participate in the enrichment of Wikipedia!

Qwant works daily to build his own index and become completely independent. However, the process is long and requires a lot of time from our technical teams.

We explain on our blog where we stand with the web indexing we are currently doing.


"Uncomfortable with surveillance cameras? "Identity replacement tech" in the form of the Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic gives you a whole new face"


"The user interface is quite pleasing and highlights trending topics along with news stories on its homepage in an organized manner. 

Qwant can offer a refreshing experience"


Our CEO Tristan Nitot will be interviewed next week by our colleague The Hated One.

He will talk about the future of Qwant, about his vision of the web etc. You can ask him questions by answering his post Reddit ⬇️.


Google employees are accusing the company’s leadership of developing an internal surveillance tool that they believe will be used to monitor workers’ attempts to organize protests and discuss labor rights.


The software can help developers constrain their creations so they don't make bad decisions.


Congratulations for your support 👏. Thanks to your research with Qwant Causes, you have raised 24781,45 € of donations for
Care International.

Read the financial report:


We only have one planet, it's in danger, we have to protect it! 🌲

That's why Qwant supports AkuoCoop, a company that produces clean energy. 💡

Today, it is inaugurating a new 47,000-strong photovoltaic power plant.

"The country’s data regulator says the program breaches the European rule of consent"

After companies, would it be around countries to embark on facial recognition?

This is the case in France.


Some airlines use facial recognition, others do not.

Before you travel, check the website "Airline Privacy" created by our colleagues to make sure you travel without being a victim of mass surveillance.


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