Is your personal assistant a friend who *really* wants your best?

For this reason, you are strongly encouraged to use browsers that block certain cookies and trackers, such as Firefox and Brave.

"Eric Leandri will be moving from an operational to a strategic role on January 15, while current deputy managing director for sales and marketing, Jean-Claude Ghinozzi, is being promoted to president".

We recommend the documentary Nothing To Hide. Very interesting to understand the issues of surveillance and privacy.

Do you know that for every websites/services you can limit the tracking by opting out a button ?

This website explain you how to do it for many companies, such as Apple, Visa, Netflix, Twitter etc. ⬇️

This story sounds surrealistic, but it' s true. Mass surveillance is a real danger to our freedom and privacy.

Especially when our informations are sold on the black market... 🔒

"These cookie disclosures are also a symptom of one of the internet’s ongoing and fundamental failings when it comes to online privacy"

Great article that explains well the role of cookies 👏

Congratulations to Ghostery which continues to grow and now unveils a new privacy friendly tool.

We share the same values and are happy to see that the web is finally evolving towards another model.

Christmas is coming soon. 🎁

Mozilla made a guide to help us to buy safe products. Have look at it before offering to your mum a smart speaker that spys on you 😉.

In a decade, technology has known everything and ended up losing its mind.

This model has come to an end.

It's time to close this interlude in the history of the Internet. Now let's go back to the values of its founders.

It's online!

T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, sweatshirts.... Discover the Qwant store 👕


Let's go for the marathon. 💻

Eric Leandri is in control. Tristan Nitot will join him in a few minutes!

Thank you all for your questions. We'll try to answer everyone.

Partnership with Microsoft, the future of Qwant, the progress of Qwant Mail...
Our CEO @Eric_Leandri will answer your questions on Reddit.

From 2pm (Paris time)

We are very proud to be able to announce our partnership with
Samsung Internet.

It's now possible to set Qwant as your default search engine.

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