According to CNBC, Google recorded the purchases of Gmail users through receipts sent by email.

That’s why we think you personal data shouldn’t be collected.

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"In Europe we are different and we think differently about Privacy"

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Another Web is emerging, it embodies European values.

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Discover the exhibition The Glass Room Experience. Our Data Detox experts will help you clean up your personal data and discover alternatives!

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New products, major partnerships and new animations on our booth at VivaTech !

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"Qwant does not expect to dethrone Google; however, if the company achieves its targets it will become the largest competitor to Google in Europe."

There are many cookies and trackers on the public service pages of European governments.

This is not normal, country leaders must set an example in terms of respecting people's privacy on the Internet.

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As a member of the team, I would like to welcome the private search engine @Qwant to our mastodon instance. Lets give them a warm welcome everybody!

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