Facial recognition once again shows its limits: abuse, illegality, arrest of innocent people...

As long as this practice is not regulated, there will be abuses.


September is coming soon and you will probably update your Linkedin profile.

On our blog , we explain how to protect your privacy as much as possible on this social network ⬇️


« Tracking a vehicle without its driver’s knowledge is illegal under EU data protection laws. »

When the violation of privacy goes IRL


Interesting article from @nickstatt in which we discover the reality that he can hide behind an "artificial intelligence": humans.


More and more of you are using Qwant 🍾

Thanks to your support, we reached 80 million visits in July and the 20th position in the Top 30 in France.
Over the last three months, we have moved up to 29th position in the top 30.

This is huge! 👏 The movement is constantly growing! ⁠

Using a private navigation tab is not enough. It is also necessary to use a secure and privacy-friendly browser.

Discover why you should use @Brave and Qwant ⬇️


Some kids play in a band after school. Bill Demirkapi hacked two education software giants.

What a cool kid.
via @a_greenberg


"The malware downloads a tourist’s text messages, calendar entries, and phone logs, as well as scans the device for over 70,000 different files."
via @josephfcox

that's creepy.


When a browser extension is free, you have to be careful. Even more so when we are offered a sum of money to install it.

➡️ The privacy solution: Brave or Firefox + Qwant!


Qwant broke his audience record!

📈 80 million visits in July

✔️ Placed in the TOP 30 of the most visited French sites for the first time

Thank you all for your support and loyalty 🙌

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