The ethical alternative that respects the privacy of its users finds its place on the French market!

Qwant confirms its position as an alternative just behind the giants according to Statista

Thank you for your support! 💚

- Encrypt your phone 🔒
- Disable Biometrics 📱
- Use secure messaging app 📨
- Turn off location on your phone 📍

"Anonymous Camera uses machine learning to identify people in images and videos and then blur, pixelate, or block out entirely faces or whole bodies"

Another great privacy initiative to hide faces and change the voice.

Are you wearing a mask against the Covid or you want to protect yourself from the cameras? Rank One has the solution: facial recognition based on the eyes, not the whole face.

Where does it all end?

"In separate litigation involving allegations that 1,400 WhatsApp users were hacked using NSO software"

The incredible story of a technology company that created a virus to hack into activists' phones 💬📲

"The more we humanize technology — the more it becomes not just part of the furniture, but part of the family — the more our lives will become less human."

Are smart speakers useful tools or privacy invading gadgets?

Universities are afraid that students will cheat...
→ So, they're watching the students
→ So, the students are stressed from being watched

In the end, no one is satisfied. Surveillance is not the solution to all problems.

"Communications among users with WeChat accounts registered outside China are under political surveillance. [...] they are also being used to train the algorithms WeChat uses to censor and monitor China-registered users."

"Because your privacy is a right you haven’t always had.
Because privacy is a human right.
Because having nothing to hide is not true nor realistic."

7 reasons to care about your privacy

"40% of lower-income parents whose children's school has shut down say it’s very or somewhat likely their kids will have to use public Wi-Fi to finish their schoolwork because there is not a reliable internet connection at home. "

[Service information] Some of you are reporting difficulties accessing Qwant. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our teams are on deck to fix this problem as soon as possible.

"At the beginning of April, Interpol issued a global warning about the threat of ransomware to health care providers. [...] But the spread of presents unique challenges—just as ransomware is at its most threatening."
— @lilyhnewman

"Twitter is dealing with a pandemic of bots jamming the platform with misinformation about COVID-19."
— @misstessowen

The lockdown forces Hong Kong demonstrators to stay home. To keep up the fight, they now organize demonstrations on the Nintendo game Animal Crossing.

Nature takes back its rights after three weeks of lockdown, just look at what the Parc des Buttes Chaumont in Paris looks like... We're the problem...

Qwant presents its new management team. Welcome to Éric, Jean-Robert, Hugo and Nam. They will support the new CEO Jean-Claude Ghinozzi in the transformation of Qwant, with all the collaborators.

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