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Today we are celebrating independence from the data colonialists.

Like hacking "live" targets?
TryHackMe is ready to help you out
... legally 😎
Raffle-like game going on right now til the 15th of July
Use my referral code
and we will both get a free ticket that could lead to prizes that include 1 or more months of premium subscription grade training.
Free cybersecurity training, some free swag if you hack in the coming weeks, the basic rooms in this promoed Learning Path will get you tickets redeemable for swag, & stay legal

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I love being able to SSH into my PC through my server to read email in my terminal :comfyuwu:
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what sucks is that mastodon as a platform is better than the bird hellsite in almost every way except for that none of the people I follow are on here :(

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For the sake of our privacy one thing should always be remembered: We should always look for free and open source alternatives of proprietary applications and softwares.

@harrismcc don't know about more context, but why does anyone think this is *new* policy? I've been ducking and covering from FB and Twit(ter)s since their inception. Found out Instagram was virtually an alias for FB when it got blocked by my firewalling FB owned IP blocks into /dev/null

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