Why be with Trump when he's not with us? He's just another RINO, like every other Republican!



Not matter whose shores the Communist scourge lands upon, death is always the result.

Jews declared war on Germany...then backed it up with an economic boycott...then orchestrated war against Germany by use of their political power in allied countries....Germany had broken from the international banks so threatened jewish power....White soldiers then died in a fratricidal war of White Genocide to keep Jewish power in tact...

#whitegenocide #ProWhite #MAGA #Trump #GabFam #DrainTheSwamp #AltRight #News #TheGreatReplacement #newgab #gab #WhiteSurvival #WhiteMajority #WhiteIdentity #WhiteRights #WesternCulture #WESTERNCIVILIZATION #WinningRight

According to charts somebody posted a couple of days ago, Americans were the least happy of the the combatant nations of WWjew. Our people wanted nothing to do with that fratricidal war to save the filthy kikes' bacon - but the Dirty Cripple needed the war because he was too stupid, weak & jew-surrounded to follow Hitler's genius economic example.

Jewish Man Slapped And Called ‘Dirty Jew’ In Brooklyn 😂

The Jewish man was attacked by a black male riding a bicycle. He crossed in front of the Jewish man on his bike, slapped him and said “you dirty Jew,”




Hate for hate
And ruth for ruth

Eye for eye
And tooth for tooth

Scorn for scorn
And smile for smile

Love for love
And guile for guile

War for war
And woe for woe

Blood for blood
And blow for blow

Robert Spencer روبرت سبنسر Retweeted:

I need an important favor. Please retweet this. Please follow my twitter account if you aren’t already.

Why you may ask? I want you to follow my journey to defeating Ilhan Omar next November.

Thank you and God Bless .

Original Tweet: twitter.com/jihadwatchRS/statu

6:12 PM - 16 Oct 2019

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France: Imam at Paris jihad murderer’s mosque was to be deported, order was rescinded wp.me/p4hgqZ-KF3 

Original Tweet: twitter.com/jihadwatchRS/statu

1:01 PM - 11 Oct 2019

Full-List of New BOTS: mastlist.blogspot.com

Resistance men clean up the garbage left in the local countryside and dump it in the gardens of a couple of prominent folk traitors as a symbolic act of karma.


Quote I found
"in certain areas of California, the power company can just shut off electricity for whole groups of people, for days at a time. Their excuse is that "in high winds, the power lines rub together and make sparks which can start wild fires". they just told her they're planning to shut down her power for up to a week. Her and 800,000 people.
Now... either Cali is so insanely behind the times that their wires aren't wrapped or there's something else going on here"

Here's hoping the one who was caught remains silent so that the ones who got away can do it again.

i really care who runs junky mountain in near asia said no one ever

stop targeting jews by pointing out how they defame white people while pretending to be white

stop targeting jews while they actually target whites, that's hate

this is chutzpah, brought to a boil

as a jew, i enjoy stealing bread particles from cockroaches. peak jewness? COULD BE.

if whites are such a great race, filled with creative geniuses, why are they so easily fooled? by the same trick? over and over? like a bluegill?

"It was a fairyland, Germany. Everybody had a purpose... And he gave the Germans back their soul".

Boris Johnson's sister, Rachel, discussing her novel, "Winter Games", and the English girls - including her own family members - who were sent to finishing school near Munich, Germany, during the Third Reich.


"The man, who still has not been identified, appeared on a video stream, recorded on a GoPro camera, speaking in English. He said feminism was responsible for Western countries’ declining birth rates which are then used as an excuse for mass immigration. The attacker also accused Jews of being “the root of all problems.”

The man called himself “anon” and said he was a Holocaust denier."

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