Disappointed in ""

Landing on my browser addons/plugins/programs/software/script/appi whatever they are called this week, is blocking TEN STALKERS!

I thought I found a site I could trust! Another "Trust us" down the tubes.

Though there seems to be no detection of any Stalkerware at Mastadon, it doesn't mean it's not done, and since has no moral ethics at the front end, I doubt they developed any moral attitude here.

It's heartbreaking 😞

@Outernaut I would suggest reaching out to @jonah about this. He's always been a stand-up guy in my experience and I would think trackers go against everything he and the site stand for.

@Outernaut seeing as makes exactly 0 requests to servers outside our control (i.e. no "third-party" network requests of any kind), I literally have no idea what you're talking about 🤔 @greyor

@Outernaut @nikolal @jonah Man, I got nothing. I am not sure why anything would be showing up for you.

I could check it with uMatrix when I get home from vacation, but last time I checked I also got no trackers.
@Outernaut @jonah

@nikolal @greyor @jonah

Please consider checking it with uBlock since it is reporting the stalker, as shown in the image... if the image I provided isn't believable.

Remember, I pointed out it is the main part of the site, NOT Mastodon that uBlock detected the Google fonts.

@Outernaut Google Fonts? There are certainly no Google Fonts embedded on, and the entire site is available on GitHub to prove it. We make 0 third-party requests like I stated before, which can be easily checked, and which means no data leaves our servers (we even host our own DNS and are available via Tor to further ensure no third-parties have access to any data).

@nikolal @greyor

@jonah @nikolal @greyor

Which are visitors here supposed to believe - uBlock or your screen caps?

I suggest you take this issue up with the devs @ uBlock - It may be they've erred and need to be informed and whitelist your site.

Others may well see the same thing, unless they've whitelisted it. Maybe a note on your site telling us to ignore uBlock?

Thanks for the info -

@Outernaut the point of the screenshot is for you to do it yourself, there aren't any users concerned about this besides you.

FWIW I have uBlock Origin installed and this doesn't happen for me in Firefox or Chrome. You must have some non-default lists enabled or something.

Maybe you added additional blocklists that are giving you false positive. Anyway if you think you have reasonable doubts you can change instance whenever you want, there are plenty of others


I don't understand what you mean by "you can change instance whenever you want, there are plenty of others".

Turns out it might be 'matodon.js.'

Thanks. IMO - case closed.


@jonah I don't care about what others are concerned about. I am not a Googie! I once detected a fault in Norton AV - same attitude. No one else saw it so it didn't exist, the fault started crashing OSs.

No matter what you say you can't see doesn't mean it's not there... there are 10 calls to outsourced fonts. Take it up uBlock tell them they are wrong. K?

I only tried to help. sorry about that! EOD.

@greyor @nikolal @jonah

I see you tested "", NOT the root as I showed.
Remember please, it is "" NOT that uBlock detected - (see the image I provided).

I would appreciate your help in understanding why Canvas Fingerprinting would be allowed. One can only learn if someone will explain.

@jonah @Outernaut I figured as much -- I haven't noticed *anything* with all of my extensions either, and have whitelisted everything in uBlock Origin and ScriptSafe on the site. Just wanted to check with you on this of course!

@jonah @greyor
I'm not doing the "talking about", uBlock Origin is the talker - I just expounded. My mistake.

FACT: The uBlock Origion v1.21.6 reported that something called out for Fonts (shown in image provided)

QUESTION: Should I ignore uBlock?

@Outernaut @jonah I guess I misread your initial post. Here's the results of uBlock Origin's logger on the main site. I did see that 20% is blocked. It appears to be a thing called "matomo.js," whose code says that it provides a "free/libre analytics."

I am not convinced that privacytools has done anything wrong here. Not sure about the canvas fingerprinting part.

@Outernaut Only thing that flags for me is their own self-hosted analytics service.

@ben Thanks Ben. I'm by no means a expert, but as I understand it, Google fonts are called by Host, and Google sends to browser client, and then knows browser client (IP) is visiting site making the request.

I'm not ashamed of visiting Mastodon, I'm proud to be a part of it, but it's none of Google's business where I go.

@Outernaut @jonah My Ublock Origin only detects one thing to block on
Under the big power symbol click on the "Open the logger" icon and try again, this will give you a list of items blocked. Sometimes other browser extensions will inject code into the webpage source, that could be what is happening. You should definitely investigate if that is the case and something is injecting Google code into all pages you browse.

@supernova @jonah

Wow - headway! THANKS :) I looked it up and...

( says "Matomo lets you easily collect data from websites, apps & the IoT and ..."

Now - to get rid of it but no one should have to spend so much time fighting off peeps and perverts.

Thank you @supernova - your response has been very educational - tell your boss I said you could have next week off with pay :)

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