I wonder if the stuff is how users felt when first started getting popular? I see it everywhere, and I want to be happy that someone is pushing based stuff forward... But all I can think is... Why not just use arch, and not risk the manjaro guys screwing everything up again?

@OneSubtractOne As a super lame newest newbie to the whole #Linux and #FOSS ecosystem, I'd be absolutely out of it all before I could even get a feel of it if I started with Arch right away. I started with #Ubuntu :ubuntu: (simple, popular, ton of help and support) and moved to #Manjaro a few weeks later (love the philosophy behind #Arch :archlinux: , but unable to manage it yet). So, for me personally, Manjaro is a newbie-friendly yet super-powerful introduction to Arch (eventually)


@rosnovsky I think I always just figure if you don't know Linux well you should probably not run a distro that will break unless you hand installed it so you know what you did to break it... It's certainly not a fair assumption.. Hah.. I still kinda hope it gets big enough so it feeds back to me on my distro!

@OneSubtractOne *raises hand* Me! I'll be feeding back into your distro! The idea of assembling the exact OS and environment you need/want fascinates me. But before one can run, they need to learn how to walk :)

@rosnovsky @OneSubtractOne Been there, done that... I found it comforting using Arch after having Ubuntu and Fedora break at things that should have been simple. In #Arch you at least get really good documentation, which matters most if you want to learn the inner workings. And that's why Arch (and probably Manjaro) are great starting points.

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