Of course, I broke #Manjaro on day 1 😆 Messed up Intel/nVidia hybrid graphics, and there appeared to be some sort of a conflict with TLP and what not. Anyway, it wouldn't boot. I figured that out, and we are back in business. The only thing remaining is to actually make integrated GPU work and have nVidia on only for games and such


@rosnovsky Man. My old laptop had hybrid graphics, this was back in like 2009ish maybe? I remember bumblebee was the only option, and it was a NIGHTMARE to get working...
The archwiki has a whole thing on it now, I read through it the other day for the heck of it... More options by the look of it, but I think it looks MORE confusing than it did back then.
Good luck! (That laptop is still running by the by. My kid uses it to play slime rancher. Hah.)

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