I really oughta write something in my blog, but I ain't got a dang thing to say.
I switched my whole system to . It looks pretty nice. Still sticking to the command line. Hey. Writing this gave me an idea. What do you know?

I switched back to void to avoid systemd, and decided the xbps install system is too long winded. So I aliased the main commands to something easier. I can now 'erised' to search the repositories, 'accio' to install something and 'ascendio' to run updates.
It's like magic.

So. I have a calendar (See thesifr.com) but I don't have a todo list. What is the actual purpose of a todo app or list separate to the calendar? If I need to do something I just throw it on my calendar, I've never felt a need to like, specifically have a separate app or program to track what I need to do... Should I have one? Why? Or am I just not the right audience?

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Petetion to remove JavaScript from all web browsers

Freaking bitlbee doesn't cease to amaze. Apparently no matter what the chat client, there's an interface for freaking bitlbee. I love it. tmux+irssi+bitlbee means I can just hang in every chat I want forever, and never leave my terminal!

I realized last night that I couldn't access my website on http, it's meant to swap from http to https via redirect, but nope. Nothing.
I spent two hours trouble shooting the redirecting thing, changing configs and files... Doing the full crazed troubleshoot...
Turns out being a genius, I had blocked port 80 on my vps, and thus blocked all http.
I.. Went to bed after that.

So. I'm still on the nethack grind. Like most things of this variety, it seems like such a simple thing, but as you get more into it it shows itself to be more and more complicated... I've been exploring the wiki for hints, and it's like learning another language... Still can't get past level two though...

In further questing, I opted to try nethack. Level 2. Killed by an arrow. It wasn't shot at me. It was on the floor. I guess i stood on it and it killed me? Ah well. Try again I guess!

I started a blog. Since I waffled repeatedly about CLI shit on here these last few days, I thought I might write something more long form. It's not very exciting, and right now I'm just kinda throwing things at it to see how it all works, but... thesifr.com feel free to let me know what you think?

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I'm trying out Browsh from brow.sh I kinda feel like it's almost cheating, since it basically is a non cli web browser in the cli... But, man it's pretty dang amazing.

I take that back. alt+r to enter resize mode, then the arrow keys to actually adjust. alt+m to move windows around as well, in case you were all curious.

On the downside, I cannot work out how to change the size of the windows in finch... So everything is a little cramped...

Okay. Further adventures... Honestly, I should just write a blog I guess. Anyone know any blog software that allows you to write and publish from the cli? Anyway. Bitlbee works great for mastodon, and finch works great for bitlbee!

Good news! I figured out the aerc port issue. I'm still an idiot. It wasn't that hard. So now AERC works with protonmail via the bridge.

Well shit. Mastodon works just fine in bitlbee. Another step to CLI dominance...

On the downside. Mastodon does NOT work in w3m. I can probably hack it into bitlbee and do it that way I guess. I'll have to look into it. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the port in aerc for imap and smtp, which means I can't use the protonmail bridge. Nextcloud passwords is a no go so far... Shoulda stuck with pass I guess!

I'm running an experiment in trying to stick to the CLI for almost everything on the PC... It's interesting finding things to replace my standards.
I use MPD or Pianobar as standard, so music was pretty easy. MPV works just fine, I dunno if that's cheating, but since I set the rules I'm going to say no. w3m is honestly a better browser than most graphical ones anyway. Finch works GREAT for XMPP and matrix... aerc is the best email client I've used in a while... If I could just get into nethack..

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