Developers: Hey kids! Do you like math and science? Well, I have a treat for you!

โœจ A L G O R I T H M S โœจ

Hoo boy, I sure love me some maths. ๐Ÿคฎ

Thatโ€™s a intriguing idea.
Maybe because it requires way more work and expertise than simply swapping and engine with an electric powertrain?

Meow there Mastodon! :mastodon: :meow:

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Why are there no dumb ?
I love the potential benefits but hate how everything is glass and touchscreens and apps.
It's a data and nightmare.

Is there a bot/plug-in that can block all other bots on , at least for my personal use, mainly search?

Found the first denier ever here on Mastodon.
Holy smokes, honestly didn't know they existed!

In the past 48 hours I've seen "If you use a tiling window manager you're probably a racist toxic fossbro", "if you support FOSS you're likely a liberal or a toxic fossbro", "If you use emacs you're part of the problem" and uh...

Can we just stop putting people in bins based on what tools they use and, more likely, what they had available to them when they first learned how to interact with tech?

Y'all stressing me out because I've seen these funny little takes go viral and become zeitgeist material.

@epic @kravietz
Do you have a link so that I can read up more on that?

"the suez canal is still blocked"

have you tried laxatives

The pandemic often reminds me of Pablo Neruda and his poem titled "Keeping Quiet"

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