This entire thread exemplifies the problem that virtually every noble cause suffers from, especially online.
The extremists and purists doggedly bat for 100% all or nothing thinking which hinders progress.
I get it, we need to strive for perfect ideals. But being radically stubborn and trashing marginal improvements only alienate the audience that we are trying to convince.

@Obscurequokka no one has moral superiority, we're all human and fallible, purism is privilege


Just bashing people for using #whatsapp, #viber, #facebook and other services, makes you somebody weird. Keep calm and explain.

bad mental health 

@Obscurequokka People telling me I should feel bad and having success with that is the main reason I’m not on that site anymore.

@Obscurequokka Most common response would possibly be: "100% of course. It works for me so of course it'll work for them too. They're just too lazy."

@Obscurequokka the problem I have is when grifters come in and pretend like they care about privacy/security just so they can hawk some bullshit. The same way advertisers figured out they could just put "green" or "organic" on labels.

@Obscurequokka That’s incorrect. Sometimes you’re 100% right and you have to fight for it.

Take a real life example: In Spain, during the debate for marriage equality, everybody was pretty much on board with the idea. Only conservatives had a condition: “Let’s not call it marriage. Let’s call it union, or something. Everything else will be the same, except the name.”

Most people thought: “If that’s what it takes to get a unanimous vote, why not? It’s a cheap price to pay.”

But there was a gay rights activist who said: “No. No compromises. If they give it a different name, they will still think it is a different thing.” And he was right. The law passed untouched and nobody, ever since, has cared about it. Gay people can get married and divorced, and nobody gives it a second thought.

Now, take the debate about universal healthcare in the US. The Democrats always start it from an already compromised position, the Republicans stand firm on whatever they want and make the Democrats move right and right until they get an agreement, which then proceed to sell to the public as a great achievement. But what do they accomplish every time? Nothing. Keeping a bullshit system that only works for the rich.

Sometimes you’re 100% right and you have to fight for it.

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