What do folks think about self driving ?
Hype or not?
I personally think that the technology is still too far out to be 100% automated in dense areas.

@Obscurequokka I’d rather ride my bike and see more money going into public works projects that promoted cycling and public transit. I hate driving, and I don’t think a self-driving car would make me like it any more.

That said, if it meant I could get rid of my car, that’s not so bad. I don’t think personal self-driving cars are going to fix anything that I care about (congestion, all the space used to park cars, etc).

@Obscurequokka what I keep telling people is that "100%" is a red herring. Nothing of what we use works 100% reliably and in all situations, from kitchen pans to diapers, to copy paper. Self driving cars right now are on the verge of actually becoming useful, which means that they would work for enough people in enough life situations.

@Obscurequokka I think it is. Waymo already works in a limited area, and Tesla's FSD makes a steady (and impressive) progress, judging by the videos from beta testers on YouTube. It's not long till it can be sold to regular people and covers a significant part of drives they actually do.

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