also, in my experience, people of an abrasive nature, in real life or on the Internet? they are often the ones who have issues. you hold your own opinions in high esteem but talk down on others. you spend energy on this because you derive pleasure from it. or you simply don’t give a damn about being likeable.

now, there’s this common piece of advice they give: be yourself.

i’m sympathetic to this viewpoint. it’s what my mother always told me.

however, life isn’t literally like that. life is about grey areas and compromises. to get along with people, you have to self-moderate a little. be a little civil and polite. watch your words in certain situations.

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Lol this is some Simpsons stuff.
Breakdancing is now officially a part of 2024 Olympics

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carbon pol, countering a meme that's meant to disclaim individual responsibility 

Hey, you know that meme that "100 companies are responsible for over 70% of emissions" that's used to imply that individual action is useless against climate change?

It's worth taking a look at the actual report that that meme comes from - the CDP Carbon Majors Report 2017:

That report did state that, in the 1988-2015 period, 100 fossil fuel companies were responsible for 70.6% of global industrial GHG emissions... but what does "responsible" mean?

Turns out that their methodology looked at two things - "scope 1" (operational emissions - that is, their actual emissions) and "scope 3 category 11" (use of sold products).

In that period, 58,328 Mt of CO2 equivalents were actually emitted by the fossil fuel companies in question.

576,506 Mt of CO2 equivalents were emitted in the "use of sold products".

That is, *not* by the fossil fuel companies.

By their customers.

Fuck off entirely with the "100 companies emit >70% of CO2" meme.

Guilt by association is a dangerous assumption if adopted by default.
Guilt and responsibility (for the most part) is not a transitive property

Pushed a bit too much at the gym yesterday and now my knee is hurting 😔
The last thing I want is to be away from the gym but also don’t wanna aggravate the injury

A major difference between sports and performance art used to be the rigidity of rules.
Now sport is sliding in a direction that mimics art.
Not that those criticisms are new by any means.
Gymnastics, diving, synchronized swimming, figure skating, boxing are all examples of arbitrary definitions.
But I lament that we, as a society, are embracing chaos instead of celebrating order all the while still ranking human achievements.

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On that note, it’s bizarre that skateboarding is now an Olympic sport.
Why not just go all in then?
Hoola hoops? Sure.
Handstands? Yup.
Magic shows? Sleight of hands, hence a sport.
Trumpets? Demonstrates Lung strength.

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Despite my general scorn towards e-sports and , they have a more legitimate case to be in the than trotting animals.

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How on Earth is an Olympic sport?
What’s next - Baking? Knitting? Beer chugging? Butterfly collecting?


What's something Good happening with Computers right now?

I'm very deep in to many Bad Computer things and I need a path to the other side.

“Be curious, not judgemental.”
- Walt Whitman

Also @TedLasso is my new favorite TV show ⚽️🎯

Fact-check: has #Signal's encryption been broken?

> Signal encryption is (almost certainly) safe, but if someone gains access to your unlocked device, all bets are off.

> If someone from the government, or whomever else you might be worrying about, gets into your phone, you’re pretty out of luck – but that’s not what Signal is meant to protect from. Its main purpose is to protect data that’s currently moving, not data that’s sitting.

music conspiracy theory 

Virtually every new musician you hear about on social media is a result of over the top marketing, in order to make them feel more authentic and raw while they are just being puppeteered (puppetted?) by a record label.
This doesn’t make them bad by default, but that you didn’t accident stumble onto them, it was designed to make you feel that way.
Especially the so called “underground” hip-hop musicians 2/2

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music conspiracy theory 

All pop music nowadays is extremely generic and overproduced.
No wonder record producers want to play it safe and take the friends and family route instead of hitting the road and discovering a true diamond in the rough

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music conspiracy theory 

Are there any major examples where an organically discovered artist, with no connections, just doing regular small indie gigs, became a celebrity music sensation?
I found out about half of them via YouTube recommendations or Twitter trends, both of whom are extremely likely to be paid promotions by the record labels.

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music conspiracy theory 

Tinfoil hat time
Most, if not all, modern (2010 onwards) pop artists are just trust fund kids or made a Faustian bargain with the record labels. 1/2

I would like Samsung a lot more if they were not so hellbent on recreating every facet of the Google suite but somehow doing a worse job.

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