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I cried so much more than I expected to the end of Unus Annus but I’m so glad I witnessed everything. I’ll remember this forever🖤

#MementoMori 💀

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The #SoftwareFreedomConservancy Needs to Resign From #Microsoft Before Telling Microsoft to Resign From #RIAA • 🆃🅴🅲🅷🆁🅸🅶🅷🆃🆂 ☞ •●• #Techrights
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fnaf cupcake

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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PeerTube moderation / white supremacism mention 

A video maker from YouTube have opened his own instance.

videos . lukesmith . xyz

He have announced the creation of this instance because "so many of [his] favorites channels now have [been banned]" while showing one banned for hate speech.
After a quick search this channel was the one of the "American Renaissance" magazine, a white supremacist online publication.

While his YouTube channel seems to host mostly tech/linux related content he seems to use a lot of alt-right's illustrations on the thumbnails. I haven't watched any others videos than the one where he's talking about PeerTube so I don't know about the content.

He also said that he have put a lot of his YouTube videos in "private" recently to avoid been banned.

He said in this video that he will post PeerTube's exclusive videos that he can't post on YouTube because they would be banned.

He also said that he wants to fully use federation to not be isolated on his instance, I suggest that we don't allow him that !

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Does somebody have background info on #LukeSmith?
He makes videos about #FreeSoftware, that look interesting. However, his thumbnails and titles are littered with memes very popular in white supremacist scene (e.g. Pepe the frog) and he promotes #Suckless who had a lot of scandals about Nazi symbolics (naming a server Wolfsschanze, marching with Torches on the November Pogroms date). In his latest video, he mentions some friend's accounts deleted because of hate speech:

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