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I made a thing, it's a simple browser extension that redirects Twitter links -,, and to instead. Works in Firefox and Chrome.

TinyCheck: an RPi-based MitM / interception device, designed to help abuse victims determine if someone has installed spyware on their device:

An interesting decentralized, open-source and based application for trading goods and services in local areas. Developed in Italy and currently being deployed in Italy with support of local government as response to the pandemics, but easily ported to any location.

Want to know who visits your website without handing their data over to #GoogleAnalytics? takes a look at #opensource lightweight alternatives, like the analysis platform GoatCounter that does not track users with unique identifiers, adds just ~2.5 KB of extra data to your site and is easy & accessible in use -> @NGIZero is proud to fund development of ethical & open source analytics like GoatCounter ( & Offen (

We live in a town with just 2 builders.

You can only buy a house from one of them (Builder G and Builder A).

If you buy a house from Builder A, you won't be able to install any appliances or make any changes unless approved by A.

To get into A's approved list of products/applianced, you need to pay them a 30% commission...

This would never be accepted in the real world, but we go for it on the App stores.

Not the perfect analogy, but explains what happens with Apple and Google.

After spending a few hours in sci-hub archives, I'm once again extremely grateful to Alexandra Elbakyan who helps millions of people globally get free access to scientific publications that were paid for from public money and then privatised & paywalled


1) Look at this list:
and never, ever do any of that.

2) In general: users are not cattle.

3) Treat your users like you would your friends. You wouldn't waste your friend's time, or take advantage of them.

Well, this is unfortunate. One of (or the sole?) developer of MicroG for LineageOS is having financial problems which is slowing down development, or might even stop it altogether. I haven't read it as "I can't do it anymore", but it reminds me of the story of how OpenSSL almost stopped.

I wish there were a way where people could eat and we could also keep these projects alive. No, that's not sarcasm. Donations only go so far, and only so many times. After that, then what?

But anyway, there are ways to donate, if anyone is able:

Further reading/additional links:


I was gonna go update my phone, I figured it was because of the new major version release. Turns out it's just one person who is busy trying to keep afloat.

#foss #opensource #android

Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots

Kathleen M. Carley and her team at Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Informed Democracy & Social Cybersecurity have been tracking bots and influence campaigns for a long time. Across US and foreign elections, natural disasters, and other politicized events, the level of bot involvement is normally between 10 and 20%, she says. But in a…

The 5g conspiracy craziness are but the latest example showing that a civilization's technological progress is hard-limited at any given time by the quality of education a median member of the society has received.

Looking for a good social proof solution following Keybase's acquisition this morning? Check out @wiktor's decentralized solution built on PGP! I'm setting my key up now 😄

Periodic reminder: people, donate to the open-source projects you use and like. Whatever you can afford. Help fund your FOSS social media, messenger, app etc. Otherwise you'll be left with ad-driven web where you're being traded like cattle.

Remember. Western society tries hard to make us cold and ruthless. An act of kindness is an act of rebellion.

Go. Rebel.

Germany’s labor minister:

“Everyone who wants to and whose job allows it should be able to work in a home office, even when the corona pandemic is over. We are learning in the pandemic how much work can be done from home these days.”


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