I've been spending far too much time watching Twitch streams recently. I know, not the most privacy friendly service. But I'm meeting plenty of wonderful people on there, and get to experience games that I otherwise never would, due to inaccessibility.
So here are my 3 favorite streamers at the moment (unlisted, so I don't spam the timeline too much). Feel free to suggest yours if you'd like, and I just might check them out.

LevelUpPixie: She's a variety streamer that likes story-driven games. One of the happiest and friendliest people I've ever met. She has the perfect amount of popularity, where the community is active, but not so much that she couldn't pay attention to the chat. Because of this, the focus of her streams is as much on the games as it is on just chatting with the community and making sure everyone feels welcome.
Oh, and also, dad jokes. Just so many dad jokes ... :)

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Duchess_of_Sass: As the name suggests, this one is a treasure chest of sass and snark, with a community to match. She's energetic, cheerful, and I promise, she will make you laugh. A lot.
Sure, she can be a bit grumpy once in a while. And she's not terribly fond of children. But hey, who is? Besides, it's all in good fun; she's nice, far nicer than I am.

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Palex00: Probably the "smallest" streamer out of the three. Not that that's a bad thing. His profile is currently mostly in German, but he actually streams in English. He enjoys mystery games and games with challenging puzzles. For example, he's currently playing through Birth ME Code, a game similar to Zero Escape and Danganronpa.
Beware though, he's a strange fellow. He rapped a part of Pride and Prejudice once!

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Don't want to edit the original toot now that it's already been boosted, so:
Palex's description is actually in English now. He must've edited it sometime since I last checked, and I completely forgot to check my claim when I recommended him earlier. Whoops!
So yeah, he's a German that speaks English better than several native speakers. And he's cool. :)

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