Similar to Twitterati on Twitter, what should folks on Mastodon should be collectively called :


@AmitRamesan According to, they should be called Mastonauts. And I agree with them; sounds better than any of the options in the poll, imo.
The problem with Tuskers and Tuskies is that they both seem to refer to the app tusky. Now, 'm not saying it is a bad app -- it isn't -- but it is just one of many ways of accessing Mastodon.
Mastadonians or Tooters could work, but the community has already decided on a good nickname, let's respect that.

@aladar @AmitRamesan Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't know that. Interesting fact, thank you.
But that means that Tusky can already mean two things. So that seems like yet another reason not to use Tuskies; it could cause confusion.
Besides, Mastonauts sounds cool as hell. It's like astronauts, but better! And it fits well from Fediverse (fedi universe).

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