@maloki I've checked the reviews, and only been able to find a few complaining about Gab. I guess you've already deleted some?
Anyway, that's not cool. I don't agree with some of your recent actions, and people of course have every right to voice their opinions. But if they've really been spamming reviews, instead of just normally posting one per user, that's immature as hell. Just like it would be if you guys did that to Fedilab.
We shouldn't attack devs like that. Doesn't accomplish anything.

@Mayana I've not been deleting any reviews, as I currently don't have access to it.

However people can flag them as not helpful if the comments aren't helpful, it's up to the people.

@Mayana but I agree with you, people shouldn't attack like that.

Gab organized to review bomb us, so we organized back. I don't see anything wrong with that. Do you?

@maloki I didn't mean to say it is. As long as nobody's attacking anyone (like posting a 5 star review with "Everyone who doesn't want to block Gab needs to die in a fire", as a ridiculous example), using alts, or posting a review just because of this issue, without actually using the app, it's cool. And, of course, nobody's doing that, because we're all amazing people here. :)
Hopefully this'll encourage people to post reviews on other apps as well while at it. Devs definitely need the support.

@maloki Thanks for the info. So, unless reviews get deleted if they're flagged enough, or I missed some (which's likely, because I was lazy and just checked all the ones with the rating one), there's less than 10 of them related to the Gab mess. Those're most likely from different people expressing their displeasure, not spamming with alts, which's reasonable.
I've no way to check how many 1 star ratings you've gotten in the past few days though, so I'll take your word for it.

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