I've found a very interesting article that might help the people on here understand a bit better, and maybe, just maybe, dislike a bit less.

@Mayana I think any problem with religion these days is a sheer lack of the ability of most people to tolerate other people's ideas, opinions, beliefs and comprehension.

5 years ago, the 'viral' thing was all about being able to tolerate others. Now we are walking on eggs to ensure we are not offending someone.

Minorities Rule. Majority pays.

Bingo, we need to be able to strongly disagree while still being agreeable. Opposing my view does not make you a bad person. We need to make good arguments against the BEST construction of the opposing view. Building a strawman in order to blow over the opposing argument is weak and intellectually bankrupt.

@Phaazer1 @Outernaut Very well put! Although, I'm not optimistic enough to think that we'll ever get more than just a few people who think and act like that. But we can do our best.

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