Have you guys heard about Code7? In it, you play as a hacker named Alex, solving puzzles, searching for information, making friends and trying to destroy an evil AI. It has an interesting plot, likable characters, excellent voice acting, good humor and a lot of shocking plot twists.
You can play Episode 0 for free. If you decide you like it, there are 3 more episodes released right now, and development is still going on. It is also accessible to blind players.

Because of the Summer Sale, Code 7 is 50 % off on ! Since it's one of my favorite , this's a good time to recommend it again.
An interesting story with plenty of plot twists you'll never expect, diverse characters with unique and detailed personalities, and puzzles that are hard enough to give you a challenge, but not impossible. And very helpful devs, too!
Available for , and . Accessible for people. Has characters.

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