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so apparently tor for Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't support v3 addresses and we need 16.04 because were using a old version of mastodon that allows ssl / https to be turned off.

unfortunately that means we are stuck with the v2 address ):

It's been a while but MasTorDon is coming back soon.

I still really wanna use the vanity v2 but a v3 is so much more secure. Might even do both.

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I spent the day working on a ubuntu vm that "VPN"s into the tor network to see if i could setup a mastodon bot. It didn't work giving an error 504 but it means it works in theory.

Along the way i discovered how to use tor as an http "proxy" via the torrc and that http_proxy is a variable in the env.production so federation is possible though still requires a lot of modifications to remove SSL / https.

Now that i fixed federation one way federation is possible for any clear net instance with hidden service support like on @MasTorDon (we can see them they cant see us) When / if all the SSL related code is removed it should allow it both ways as well as allow .onions that use the fork to communicate with each other in theory.

Also it seems like editing the env.production file as stated above fixed the text and poll limit code not updating as the text limit is now 1000 and the poll limit is now 10. They were 500 and 4.

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mastordon43zyheh .onion is a mastodon instence hosted over a #tor #hidden #service that values #privacy, #anonymity and #freespeech (within reason).

We use our own fork that is slowly being modified for hidden service compatibility

Much better. No more email requirement = more privacy and anonymity.

Forgot to add you do not need a real email address.

It does have to be a valid email for the time being. My plan is to allow anything in the email field so it can be used as a second password.

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federation is kinda working but only outbound. i think it's because there's still a lot being served over ssl.

mastordon43zyheh .onion

mastordon is a social network that values privacy, anonymity and free speech. All are welcome.

we run our own fork of mastodon that is still in beta and could use a little outside help

YES!!! IT WORKS!!!! email is confirmed every second so the email feild can be used as a second password if you don't want to use an email address.

There is no way to recover your account if you loose your password though.

The email uses a Gmail though i would like to use SMTP over tor in the future. Now time to bring up the old one.

The problem seems to be permission related maybe. It only seems to work if stopped by systemctl and started with sudo tor.

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So i guess the plan is to run the old instence temporarily on a different hidden service so users can export & important from /settings/export.

But before I do that I gotta figure out why the hidden service won't connect after a server or tor service restart.

Nothing is lost as i still have access to the old server so if i messed up the migration i can get the data back.

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It's mostly done but something got messed up when i migrated servers.

I cannot rebuild the home timelines because of a unlegable error and I'm not sure if thats what's causing the 500 errors.

I'll figure it out later / tomorrow

It probably won't be done today but here is the fork that is under development. feel free to leave suggestions / tips in the issues.

It's still under development so info may not be correct.

Where i got stuck last time was trying to make email confirmations automatic because I'd like email to be optional as things like password resets require email. I'd also like to make the email feild optional as well as id like to use a hidden service smtp server.

By forking this time around it allows for anyone to be able to run it as well as being able to collaborate with others to accomplish what i cannot do myself.

I look forward to working with anyone on this little project in the future.

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