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#pinephone orders placed by June 21 ship later this month. #pinetime stand-alone sealed units available again July 15.
To stay up to date, please check out our availability, stock and shipping update website.

Ian Nepomniachtchi has won the Candidates and the right to challenge Magnus Carlsen in the World Championship match later this year. He had won the tournament with a round to spare as Giri lost to Grischuk. Here's the final graph of how the scores developed.

An insane round on Saturday lead to all 4 games being decisive in the Candidates tournament. Nepo is the likely challenger to Carlsen in the World Championship later this year. Giri and Vachier-Lagrave still having an outside chance to fight back in the last two rounds.

What a first round in the Candidates tournament to decide who challenges Magnus Carlsen in the World Championship. Caruana beat MVL to be tied for second with 6 rounds to go. See the graph for updated scores!

The World Candidates tournament is resuming after it got interrupted by more than a year ago. Here is my representation of the fist half of the tournament. The next round will start on 19 April 13:00 CEST:

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📱 Instant messaging clients. Choose wisely what you use to communicate.

A visualization by @niboe under CC BY SA license.

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Amazing to see Dutch Grandmaster, Anish Giri, lead the long-standing Dutch tournament in Wijk aan Zee. There are three players right on his heels. With just 3 rounds remaining, can he keep the lead?

Follow it at 14:00 CET this Friday:

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Each of us can make a difference.
Politicians and visionaries will not return us
to the sacredness of life.

That will be done by ordinary men and women who together or alone can say,
“Remember to breathe, remember to feel, remember to care,
let us do this for our children and ourselves
and our children’s children.
Let us practice for life’s sake.”

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Excerpt from a poem called Sharing Silence by Gunilla Norris:

“Silence brings us back to basics, to our senses, to our selves. It locates us. Without that return we can go so far away from our true natures that we end up, quite literally, beside ourselves.

We live blindly and act thoughtlessly. We endanger the delicate balance which sustains our lives, our communities, and our planet.“

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How's this for a computer peripheral aesthetic?

This is the first stage of a mod for the Ploopy trackball to use ball transfer units (BTUs) as bearings for the ball.

This just about fits in the shell and feels good, so the next step is to try to modify the CAD file for the original shell.

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All draws today so nothing changes in the standings at the Wijk aan Zee tournament. Tomorrow’s a rest day so the next round is at 14:00 CET on 21 January.

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Current standings after round 3 in the prestigious Wijk aan Zee tournament.

Round 4 will start at 14:00 CET today (19 January). Watch it live:

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#Mineclone2 is a #Minecraft clone #game for #Minetest.

Mineclone 2 is a game pack for Minetest that attempts feature-parity with Minecraft. Mineclone 2 features most mobs, blocks, and mechanics from Minecraft all while being open source. Mineclone 2 also features the Nether and End dimensions, redstone, monster spawners, experimental XP, and much more.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

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