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My main interests are and . I will toot about the events that I follow.

From my short time on this instance, I’ve already met loads of great people to interact with about . Hope to get to know many more of you!

: Today saw the number of wins in the Sinquefield cup double with both Ding and Nepomniachtchi winning. Ding joins Caruana and Anand in the leading pack.

Tomorrow is a rest day and round 6 starts on 23 August. The tournament is still wide open for anyone to win!

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Yesterday saw world number two Caruana win because of a blunder by Aronian. Caruana is now tied for first place together with former world champion Anand. Day 5 of the Sinquefield cup is already . With the tension rising can these grandmasters keep up the quality of their ?

Watch the :

Day 4 of the Sinquefield cup has started. Let’s see if the series of tense draws continues.

Follow the :

Yesterday was day 2 of the Sinquefield cup where all 12 grandmasters drew their games. Let’s see if former world champion Anand can extend his slim lead.

Read more about yesterday here:

Watch the games now here:

Sinquefield cup is now with more . The current world champion Carlsen is facing the former world champion Anand.

Watch the live coverage from the St Louis Chess Club:

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Coming up with a strong password doesn't have to be hard. Use dice to make a password that is easy for you to remember but hard for computers to guess.

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Former world champion Anand was the only winner in the first round of the Sinquefield cup. Tomorrow the second round will start at the same time.

Find out more here:

More : the first round of the Sinquefield cup starts today at 13:00 CDT (GMT -5). 12 of the strongest chess players in the world will play a round robin tournament.

Find out more here:

My main interests are and . I will toot about the events that I follow.

From my short time on this instance, I’ve already met loads of great people to interact with about . Hope to get to know many more of you!

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Startups like Uber etc pretend they are gaining customers through innovation, but all they are really doing is buying market share by providing artificially cheap services, so they can run rivals off the road. When rivals disappear, prices go up.

Stable companies with sustainable business models that treat their employees well are being unfairly squeezed out of the market, unless they too start screwing workers and throwing money away. (See also Amazon and their pee bottles.)

Levon Aronian has won the St Louis Rapid & Blitz! World champion Magnus Carlsen still leads the Grand Tour standings, even with his mediocre performance in this event.

I look forward to the Sinquefield cup. The first round will start this Saturday (17 August). Find more info here:

Last day of St Louis Rapid & Blitz starts in a bit less than an hour! Can the world champion Magnus Carlsen stop the bleeding? Can MVL keep his slim lead?

Watch the here:

St Louis Blitz day 1 has been a roller-coaster ride with Maxime Vachier-Lagrave losing the first two games, but coming back to take the lead. Watch the final day tomorrow!

See a recap of St Louis Rapid day 3 here:

More starting in a few minutes with each player playing 9 blitz games today. Follow everything here:

Marno :verified: boosted is 14 months old, but today is the first day it supports full federation! You can follow profiles from other instances, and from mastodon/pleroma among others.

Just paste the full profile URL into the search and you'll get the follow link in the results. πŸ˜€

Subpar performance of the World Champion in the rapid portion in St Louis. Maxime and Levon are leading the tournament with 13/18. Who will win those coveted grand chess tour points after the blitz section?

Tomorrow is the first of two days of blitz. Find out more here:



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