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My main interests are and . I will toot about the events that I follow.

From my short time on this instance, I’ve already met loads of great people to interact with about . Hope to get to know many more of you!

Bianca Andreescu just won her first grand slam title against none other than legend Serena Williams in the .

Tomorrow the men’s final will start at 16:00 Eastern Daylight Time.

Serena Williams will be chasing the record of 24 grand slam titles tomorrow in the final of the against 19-year-old Bianca Andreescu.

Currently we have with the men’s semifinals. Find more info here:

Ding Liren has won the Sinquefield cup by beating world champion Magnus Carlsen in a playoff. Congratulations Ding Liren!

Attached are the up to date grand chess tour standings.

World champion Magnus Carlsen won yesterday’s game to earn a playoff with Ding Liren. All the action continues in about 5 minutes:

Round 10 of the Sinquefield cup just finished with Carlsen, the World Champion, scoring his first win. Nepomniachtchi lost to Vachier-Lagrave, which leaves Ding in the sole lead going into the final round.

The excitement continues on 28 August at 1pm CST:

Round 8 of the Sinquefield cup saw the two Russian payers win, which means 5 players are tied for first. With just 3 rounds left who will take the crown?

Look at all round 8 games on my favorite chess website :

Round 9 will be at 1pm CDT

continues in St. Louis right now. Yesterday Anand had the chance to beat Ding and take sole lead, but in the end all 6 games ended in a draw.

Follow round 8 of the Sinquefield cup now:

Round 7 of the Sinquefield cup is now. Going into this round Anand, Caruana, and Ding lead by half a point. There’s a group of 6 players only half a point behind. It’s a tense round of !

: Today saw the number of wins in the Sinquefield cup double with both Ding and Nepomniachtchi winning. Ding joins Caruana and Anand in the leading pack.

Tomorrow is a rest day and round 6 starts on 23 August. The tournament is still wide open for anyone to win!

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Yesterday saw world number two Caruana win because of a blunder by Aronian. Caruana is now tied for first place together with former world champion Anand. Day 5 of the Sinquefield cup is already . With the tension rising can these grandmasters keep up the quality of their ?

Watch the :

Day 4 of the Sinquefield cup has started. Let’s see if the series of tense draws continues.

Follow the :

Yesterday was day 2 of the Sinquefield cup where all 12 grandmasters drew their games. Let’s see if former world champion Anand can extend his slim lead.

Read more about yesterday here:

Watch the games now here:

Sinquefield cup is now with more . The current world champion Carlsen is facing the former world champion Anand.

Watch the live coverage from the St Louis Chess Club:

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