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I for example set the score increase to 4 for messages coming from these free services, and my SpamAssassin filter starts flagging e-mail as suspicious at 5, and as spam at 8.

Because the negative scores from these DKIM, SPF and DMARC policies will deduct points from the 4, e-mails will only get flagged as suspicious if they contain obvious spammer techniques such as all-caps subjects, or mention viagra, or money.

If you're a (e-mail admin) and struggle with incoming spam, I suggest you increase the SpamAssassin score of all e-mails coming from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Yandex and other popular free mail services.

This is because these services usually have excellent reputation and always pass SPF/DMARC/DKIM checks.

The point is to neuter these score reductions because of compliance, so that if a message contains suspicious words that SpamAssassin dislikes, it's going to get flagged as spam.

Does this orange-on-black color scheme look good or is it too flashy? 馃

New blog theme is coming along nicely. What do you think?

Just finishing the last touches!

Thanks, Tian Qi.

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Honestly I ran out of ideas for my blog, and I don't know what to post. I could keep posting CTFs but it seems kinda unappealing to me... Suggestions?

Hello @john_tedesco. Thanks for the follow. I guess you found me through some Mastodon mass-following tool while you were searching for people in Information Security / Hacking.

Reading your contact page, have you considered...?:

1 - Signal. End to end encrypted, FOSS and only requires a phone number.
2 - Threema. Audited, Swiss-made, closed source, single payment application.
3 - Keybase/traditional PGP/GPG.

Let me know if you need help setting any of those up.

In all honesty I knew I shouldn't trust closed source software for my notes. Especially not Microsoft-made. But it felt really convenient for the time. Until problems started appearing, exactly when I needed my notes the most. This is unacceptable for a multinational multibillionaire enterprise, with so many incredibly talented engineers.

But you disappointed me again when I tried to move note sections to a different notebook from my iPad. Then, your app crashed and my notes were left in an inconsistent state. Some notes appeared on the new notebook, but others showed as "not synchronised yet", and every time I tried to open the iPad app again, it crashed within seconds. So you lost my university notes.

I'm going back to regular file sync. Hello @nextcloud, good bye Microsoft.

OneNote, I trusted you. But you failed me. You failed me once when I accidentally surpassed the storage limit, creating a mess and making me pay to temporarily lift the storage size. I had to manually recover the notes from an older OneNote version because the newer ones don't have an "export to PDF" or even to proprietary OneNote format. I decided to give you a second opportunity.

You can see what kind of spam you expose yourself to if you allow comments without any kind of bot verification mechanism here:

I have decided to disable comments on my blog because, after more than 150 comments received, none of them had actual content, and were merely spam and black SEO. Ads about amoxicilin and questionable drug sellers.

I also do this because I refuse to use Google reCaptcha, as I think it poses a threat to individual privacy.

As always, I'm open for suggestions.


After listening to think it's a quite complicated step. Dropping i386 support is not happening over night and will, due to Ubuntu 18.04 stay around for up to 10 years (9 further). getting rid of it, before the next LTS seems to be a good idea.

It's definitely time to set a termination date for i386, not just from Ubuntu, but other distributions as well.


> Norsk Hydro refused to cave in to the cyber-criminal's demands for money ( after taking down 22,000 computers offline at 170 different sites around the world ) and have spent 拢45m trying to restore their business to full strength.

Hello all,

I'm interested in , and concerned about the danger of and in technology and elsewhere.

I've been a user since 1998, and a contributor since 2005. My $dayjob is with though not on any product or ads teams, and I actually get to work with, and contribute to, projects.

See my profile for my other accounts. Looking forward to conversing here!

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