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Government officials in Germany are reportedly mulling a law to force chat app providers to hand over end-to-end encrypted conversations in plain text on demand.

According to Der Spiegel this month, the Euro nation's Ministry of the Interior wants a new set of rules that would require operators of services like WhatsApp, Signal, Apple iMessage, and Telegram to cough up plain-text records of people's private enciphered chats to authorities that obtain a court order.

Stop complaining about Twitter on Twitter. Deny them your attention, your time, and your data. Get off of Twitter.

Thing is... even though their Ubuntu Phone may never have seen widespread adoption, it's actually been a good product. I've seen it, I personally know people who worked on it. I held it in my hands. It was really good!

If Canonical didn't manage to pull off this feat, I have little hope anyone else will. That means we'll have only a few closed source options in the predominating computing market of the near future: mobiles.


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Jesus Roosevelt Christ... PATCH ETERNAL BLUE FOLKS!

look, let me help you.

That .ps1 can scan your network and determine eternal blue vulns... then you have targets to fix.

I want to be clear. If you aren't fixing this, it is a ticking timebomb in your environment. When I see this, Evil Gibson gets real turned on...

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I just learned Eduard Punset passed away.

Many Spaniards know him as the host on a program called 鈥淩edes鈥 on national television, with the intention of bringing science to everyone.

Punset was a very passionate and intelligent person, and even got involved in Spain鈥檚 politics in the 80s.

Thank you for all your efforts 馃檹馃徎, Punset. May you rest in peace, and may you be remembered for all eternity.

RIP 1936-2019

>get spied on by chinese phones
>get spied on by american phones

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@xj9 I'm so tired of the extreme anti-privacy movement.

* Not caring if millions of accounts get leaked
* Considering lack of security as merely a cost of doing business
* Not caring whether people get doxed or harassed or outed
* Assuming that data created by people always belongs to the megacorp
* These cosy relationships with letter agencies are oh so predictable
* The culture of embedding off-site links into web software so that they give companies a lot of data about how people are using it
* Assuming its ok to have telemetry on by default without telling the user or having any kind of informed consent

Really liking Ansible, especially when paired with Proxmox. Makes programmatically spinning up new VMs extremely easy. I will be using this to reimage some services periodically, so they're always running the latest version. I shut down and remove the VMs, and spin up new ones with the latest updates.

Maybe I should write a post on about it, because for a beginner like me who never used Ansible, it was a bit rough to get the ball rolling at first. What do you think?

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@Gargron I know, that's basically my point: When we look at Mastodon as an ecosystem, there is no need for formatting, because we are within our lovely 500 chars. The main reason why formatting would be required is because people don't make it to send their ActivityPub properly.

A lot of people in the PR highlighted how much more accessible things would become. Knowing our Mastodon "shitposters" I guess we'll see whole tootes made of 1 headline each per character鈥 Hooray accessibility.

People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.


Alg煤n ser incivilizado se dedica a cortar los cables de frenos de los patinetes el茅ctricos compartidos. Esto es el colmo.

Si eres usuario de estos patinetes, COMPRUEBA LOS FRENOS ANTES DE DESBLOQUEAR, tu vida y la de los dem谩s depende de ello.

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